Jubilation as Ibadan residents enjoy food subsidy at Jesus Market – adopt model, govt told

Jubilation as Ibadan residents enjoy food subsidy at Jesus Market – adopt model, govt told

Residents of Ibadan, Oyo state capital, recently were afforded the opportunity of buying foodstuffs and vegetables at prices lower than their market prices triggering jubilation among the beneficiaries.

Pastor Olufeko

The sale was conducted at a special market tagged “Jesus Market” of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Jesus Porch Assembly, Imalefalafia.

Buying and selling at Jesus Market

This initiative is as a result of the passion of the undershepherd of the church, Pastor Ademola Olufekun.


Yes, passion is the energy that drives unbelievable results to accomplishing unassailable feats in the lives of mortals since the beginning of time. Breakers of records do exploit the power that comes from focusing on what excite them. Infact, nothing great has ever been accomplished without passion and power to pursue passionate cum lofty deeds. However, people do not just create passion, situations demand the need for passion in most occasion. So, it is with Pastor Olufeko; he is a man driven by passion for the people and salvation of their souls. He’s a welfarist undersheperd who believes people must benefit basic needs of life to have them fully harvested for divine glory; he uses his talents, contacts and calling to pursue his passion for humanity. Again, his passion is  driven this time to pioneer ‘Jesus Market’ due to the prevailing high cost of living and general inflation in the country. He sat with his tinktank on the possibility of mitigating the effects on the people from the Church perspective and through personal collaboration. He pastors a congregation where the welfare department functions better than any you can see around propelled by his own welfarist nature; it is a church where everyone is a family; they wine and dine together on a constant basis.”


In this interview by ‘Kunle OYELEYE, Ibadan Bureau Chief of the Insight Publications, Olufeko, who is Assistant Provincial Pastor Oyo 4 (Admin), bares his mind on the concept of the innovative Jesus Market, turnout for the maiden edition and the modus operandi, thereby urging governments at different levels to adopt the initiative.



What inspired your passion to come about Jesus Market? 

The Redeemed Christian Church of God has a culture of reaching out to the various communities through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), this is done in all our Parishes all over the country. “Jesus Market” was a conceived idea to cushion the pressure of the present economic hardship on the people within our community, for Christians and non- Christian alike.


We felt that, if we could buy some food items and sell at reduced prices, the people would be encouraged to buy and eat. That was why we sold a congo of rice for N1,000 instead of N2,000, a congo of garri for N800 instead of N1,200, tomatoes for N100 instead of N300, a big tuber of yam for N600 instead of N1,200 and so on.

Will you say you achieved the expected goal after the maiden edition of Jesus  market as in are you satisfied with the outcome? 


When we saw the people going home happily and satisfied with what they bought in the “Jesus Market”, each one going home to tell her neighbours we were satisfied and felt like doing more.

Some of the wares on display

Were you not scared considering the magnitude of people that came out for the market especially non-christians and Christians who are not of your denominations (Redeemed)?

Expectedly, we knew that there was going to be a great number of people because it is all about food, and as a church organization we may not have that much to sell to a whole community. Therefore, we had to limit the number of items individuals could buy so that the available food items could go round.

You said some corporate organisations and private individuals have signified their intentions to join in subsequent editions, when is the likely time for the  next Jesus Market time?

Yes, in the next edition of the “Jesus Market”, we are expecting willing corporate organizations and farmers to partner with us. We have equally encouraged some individuals to come to display their consumable items provided they are willing to sell at reasonable discounted amounts.

Do you think this innovation can be adopted by Government to mitigate effects of hardship across the country ? That is by creating  reasonable numbers of markets in each town with close supervision?


Without playing with words, this is what the Government should encourage now to mitigate the effect of hardship across the country. Strong backings in form of food supplies and financial supports could be given to reliable charitable organisations. Not only will this reduce hunger, it will also reduce crime.

Jesus commanded us to show love. There is no other time to do that than now. Therefore, I encourage all capable children of God who can take this step to do so now. Mark 9:41 says,

For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.

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