OPINION: At 63, Nigeria has come of age, future still bright

OPINION: At 63, Nigeria has come of age, future still bright


Nigeria as an independent nation clocks 63 years old today, October 1. Like any human being, at that age the country has come of age. But doing a critical assessment, can one infer Nigeria has progressed as a nation? What of the retrogression in the economy as well as the insecurity plaguing the nation? Yet, one should not lose hope totally for the nation still have brighter future despite the challenges. There are many threatening challenges to this entity many resulting from its ethnic diversity. There is therefore need for unity among the various ethnic groups. We need leaders that will forge unity among various groups that make up Nigeria. The present leadership of President Bola Tinubu with its inclusive government has the unity of the nation at heart. He should be supported as he is capable of solving both internal and external problems facing the country. We need to congratulate ourselves for celebrating the country’s 63 years birthday. We are going to overcome all intending problems with full support of the Tinubu-led government. Congrats, Nigeria! Congrats, Nigerians!

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