Agbaakin, radio station and matters arising

Agbaakin, radio station and matters arising




When the news of a radio station to be commissioned by the Agbaakin of Ogbomoso, Chief Sunday Dare, first filtered in, not a few Ogbomoso indigenes was excited thinking he’s coming to up the scale at home but upon learning the FM station – Omoluabi 87.7 – is situated in Ibadan, capital of Oyo state (of which Ogbomoso is an integral part), anger took over.


The reason is not far fetched. Ogbomoso is deemed backwards in terms of development as aptly captured by the Soun of Ogbomoso His Imperial Majesty Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege III, in his goodwill message sent to the ex-Sports Minister of Sports and Youth Development on the occasion of the commissioning of the project on Thursday, January 11, 2024.


Oba Olaoye had stated, “But as much as l commend my Agbaakin for this milestone his gesture has aroused in me a bit of jealousy. Because more than our great capital city, Ibadan, Ogbomoso city needs development, it has a significant catch up to make in terms of development and this can only be driven more by her people both at home and in the diaspora.”


This highlights the intense anger felt by the residents of Ogbomoso, who have reprimanded the Agbaakin through various means including social media and verbal discourse. He has been subjected to numerous derogatory labels that cannot be printed.


However, I believe that he has valid motives for choosing Ibadan as the location, which may have an economic basis. It is understandable to prioritize one’s own survival. In fact, this behavior is not uncommon; Aliko Dangote also opted to establish most of his enterprises outside of his hometown while Yinka Ayefele launched his radio station in Ibadan. Numerous similar instances exist.


As a result the people dragging the Agbaakin should mellow. Rather, getting him to right the perceived wrong should be the focus. How to get him to extend the charity home should be the next line of action. Yinka Ayefele, has established his FM stations in several cities today and is not resting on his oars. We should so pray for the success of Omoluabi FM so that in a few months, Omoluabi FM 2 or something like Agbaakin FM Station will take off in Ogbomoso. I don’t think he should be crucified or made a cast out. I even read somewhere threatening they would not vote for him in 2027.


Let’s toe the path set by the Soun, who said, “What he did aligns with my dream of growth and development and l charge him to also think of Ogbomoso in this direction. I call on my people generally to be partners in our quest to change the narrative of our land. Nobody will do it for us but ourselves. Let us get our names in the history books of our great city.”


l am confident the Agbaakin of Ogbomoso will subscribe to the clarion call by

the Soun and strive to get his name in the history book of Ogbomoso. He has had some footprints such as facilitating an 80-bed hospital when he was Minister among others. The hospital though completed is yet to commence operation. This he should see to.


I encourage Ogbomoso people to be programmatic in our approach to issues. Many want Dangote to take over Alata Flour Mills but don’t want their indigene to invest elsewhere. We should imbibe a large heart and not cast out potential builders of the city because of one perceived slip. The Agbaakin should be commended like the Soun did and thereafter encouraged to look inward and initiate charity at home, while also helping to attract non-indigenes to invest here.


Let Agbaakin be. Let Agbaakin and others look homeward for investments.


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