See when Egungun festival will begin in Ogbomoso

The annual Egungun festival will kick off in Ogbomoso on Wednesday, July 28, with the usual Olukotun display.
According to the chairman of the masqueraders (Eleegun) in Ogbomoso, Chief Ifatona Akinyemi, in a chat with, Soun of Ogbomoso, Oba Oladunni Oyewumi Ajagungbade III, authorized the date and would last till Sunday, August 8.
Akinyemi, who is the Fowowe masquerader, assured that the festival would be devoid of crisis.
“The traditional ruler of the town had held a meeting with us and warned against violence. We will not violate that sacred directive. The festival will begin on Wednesday, that is when Olukotun will perform to usher in the celebration,” Chief Akinyemi said.
Asked to state the relevance of Egungun in Yorubaland, Fowowe affirmed it was a deity that offers prayers for the community.
“Egungun is ever relevant in our society. It is a deity that is very important when a town is to be founded, it is venerated to initiate progress in a community, to ward off evils. It prevents untoward situations in a community.”
Following the Olukotun display, other masquerades will be out on different days for their carnival-like outings cum performances.
Fowowe masquerade, it was disclosed, would have its display on Saturday, August 7, but it is one of those Egunguns that don’t venture out of their neighbourhoods but perform in the vicinity.

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