Engage old students on devpt, Oba Ghandi advises, as he receives FGC Ogbomoso management team

Image caption: Oba Ghandi Olaoye (right) receives souvenir from the SBMC of Federal Government College Ogbomoso, principal Mr Ajagbe (middle) and SBMC chairman Mr. Olaniran (left)

Engage old students on devpt, Oba Ghandi advises, as he receives FGC Ogbomoso management team


His Imperial Majesty Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege III Soun of Ogbomosoland has charged managements of schools especially in the secondary school axis to be propelled by initiatives and systematically involve alumni associations in the development of their schools noting that it is a known fact old students are fanatically attached to and sentimental about their secondary schools.

Oba Olaoye Orumogege III made this charge Wednesday during a courtesy visit to his palace by the management team of Federal Government College (FGC), Ogbomoso, Oyo state.

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Led by the chairman, School Based Management Committee, SBMC (Governing Board), Mr. Afolabi Olaniran JP, a retired director at the National Business and Technical Education Board (NABTEB), the delegation also comprised the Director/Principal, Mr. Joshua Ajagbe; Mrs. Linda Eboreme (Director/Vice Principal); Mr. Adekunle Oyetunde Arowolo (Vice Principal); Nwokebelu Amaka (Vice Principal); Sonibare Nathaniel Olaosebikan (Vice Principal); Mr. Adewale Adeleye (Vice Principal Admin/Ag. Secretary SBMC); Mr. Akande Taiwo (Assistant Director); Mr. Joseph Bamidele (Bursar), Mr. Akande Caleb (PTA chairman) and Adeniyi-Owoseni Elizabeth (Admin Officer).

The Soun after listening to the goodwill messages by Mr. Olaniran and the principal which contained appeals to factor the FGC into the Oba’s development plan, remarked that paucity of funds has become the lot of government which he said makes the release of money to centres of learning difficult, therefore asserting that school based management teams needed to show a lot of initiatives and innovativeness in order to meet up with the demand of effective running of their schools.

The newly installed monarch observed that government cannot meet up any longer with funding of schools submitting that as a result school administrators need to think out of the box to be successful and not jeopardize the education of the young ones.

The co-chairman of Oyo State Council of Obas and Chiefs, who is continually being showered with love and massive support by his subjects with daily homages by different groups and individuals as a result urged schools to effectively engage old students in a systematic way to inspire their commitment to their alma mater.

“I think the way for the future for Federal Government Colleges is for us to know that the original intent for which the federal government set up FGCs is no more. And also, the government does not have the money as it used to have. Thus, you need to show initiatives because of the way the country is presently.

“The Federal Government College (Ogbomoso), has produced a lot of people who are doing so well. You should have a way of finding the list of people who have passed out of the school and organize them so well because a lot of people who have left that school are doing well all over the world.

Pa Olaniran (holding the mic), to his left is director/principal, Mr. Ajagbe

“You mentioned you have five vice principals, I don’t know their schedule because when we were in school we had only one vice principal, but you have five vice principals, so, you can commit some of them to find the old students who have left the school, from all over the world and start an endowment fund.

“Meet the Minister for Education or the person in charge of the Federal Government Colleges, ‘the money you are giving to us is not enough, we are taking the burden off you.’ The old students association, make it strong, let them see how dilapidated the place has become; let them see how the place is; they are the people whom you have invested in, who can plant back into the school.

“Everybody is saying federal government, federal government, but the people you have invested in, reach out to them, let them plough back. I didn’t know many people who attended that school but since I became the Oba, I have had many people who told me they lived in Ogbomoso (in the past), ‘how so?’ I would ask and they would say they went to Federal Government College. These are people doing well.

“And let me say this, a lot of people have attachment to their secondary school. I have attachment to my secondary school. We have contributed towards our school. Make the old student association vibrant. And what you will find out is that a lot of these people are ready to give back to their school especially a lot of them who are abroad. A hundred dollar will make a lot of difference in the present day Nigeria.

“Unfold your arms, let’s think outside the box because the people who will rule in the next ten years are people who think outside the box. Because if you are waiting for the government much will not come. You need to strategize on how you can get the people who came to the Federal Government College, Ogbomoso. Be compiling their lists the vice principals, and showing them your needs. It is easier when people know what your needs are, they can plug in.

The delegation

“If people find out all you are asking them is a hundred dollar, they will respond, which they can remember in their good memories. That is what a lot of people are doing, that is what you need to do. If I ask you today do you have the list of all those that have passed out of the school, if you have the list do you know where they are? How can you get them? That is the way it should be.

“You can start with each set. Connect with them. You can get them on Linkedin, Facebook etc. You are not going to get a hundred percent success but with forty percent success you will be shocked. Set up a website, give them updates about what is going on in the school,” Oba Olaoye said with passion.

Speaking earlier, chairman of the Governing Board, Mr. Olaniran, stressed the delegation had come to rejoice with the new King as well as with themselves enthusing the matter turned out the way everybody expected and so prayed for a long and successful reign.

“We have come to rejoice with you Kabiyesi that the almighty God has elevated you to the throne of your forefathers, the throne, I pray will not turn hot against. Likewise, we have come to rejoice with ourselves because it turned out the way we wanted it to be.”

Olaniran emphasized the support of the people for the Oba is massive and total, asserting, “Your Majesty, the support for you is total. It is absolute. It is massive. On the day you emerged from seclusion, as a researcher, I carried out a survey among the people to determine their preference and 15 of 15 are for Ghandi. That is the support. By the power in the name of the Lord the desire of the people that is making them to support you will be realized.”

The elated septuagenarian also congratulated and applauded the kingmakers for what he described as their steadfastness and courage during the struggle to get the job of getting Oba Ghandi installed done particularly mentioning the head of the kingmakers, the Areago, High Chief Sobalaje Otolorin, for credit.

“Our expectations will be met by the power of the Lord. I also congratulate the kingmakers, that Baba they call Otolorin and his council, if five of such men are in a town the town will enjoy peace. I am an old man, I should not lie or be held back by fear in saying the truth. The kingmakers were courageous, they were brave. I recollect reading in The Insight newspaper (print version of ogbomosoinsightonline.com), where Baba (Otolorin) was saying how would he support someone who could not raise N250, 000 to purchase nomination form to be king.

“That spurred me to write an article in The Insight, titled, “Let Ghandi be,” I am the author, to God be the glory (to which the Oba confirmed that he read the article). I pray Your Majesty will enjoy a successful reign”

He now offered a piece of advice to the former pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Jesus House Washington D.C., USA, “Kabiyesi, you have become a river, a river has a course, and has a destination, likewise that is how your vision and mission should be. You will achieve your mission and vision by the power of God. Because the river flows placidly and passively, the surface unruffled, despite the turbulence below and the tempest above, and no matter how strong the wind is, the river will never be blown backward, so, yours is forward ever Kabiyesi, backward never.”

He further charged, “Kabiyesi, you can never satisfy everybody o. Nobody has succeeded in doing that, just try your best. There are some people even if you cut your head for them to make away with they will still complain you didn’t cut it well. People are like that.”

Olaniran also had word of advice for the people on the imperative of patience towards the manifestation of the vision of the beloved Oba, positing, “And to those of us who are his lieutenants do not think it is tomorrow Ogbomoso will become what we envisaged, it is not tomorrow, it is not the day after tomorrow, not in four days’ time, it may not be in one year’s time, it will be gradual.That is why people like us support Your Majesty. You are an enlightened Oba. Your connection, nationally, internationally, if combined will take us gradually to our destination. We congratulate you, we are happy.”
The principal, Mr. Ajagbe likewise said, “We thank God. We welcome Your Majesty, we are happy, we have read a lot about you, both while you were abroad and since you were enthroned, you are God sent. And I want to assure you that God that sends you is the God that backs one. My prayer is that God will back you. During your time this city will progress and there will be peace. I am assured that Federal Government College Ogbomoso will benefit hugely from your vision for Ogbomoso. You will reign for long.”

The principal subsequently presented souvenirs to the monarch including an edition of the school’s magazine as well as a congratulatory letter written by the management.

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