Pandemonium at Central Mosque Ogbomoso, 78 yr-old head of Mahmoud Ayilara family, 4 others arrested

Pandemonium at Central Mosque Ogbomoso, 78 yr-old head of Mahmoud Ayilara family, 4 others arrested


There was pandemonium at the Central Mosque Oja’gbo, Ogbomoso Friday leading to the arrest of five persons, including the head of the Mahmoud Ayilara family, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulwahab Ayilara, who is said to be 78 years old.


The arrest was made by men of the Nigerian Police Force and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.



According to eyewitnesses trouble started when some unidentified fierce-looking men began to beat some people in the mosque.


“I knew two of the victims, they are my relations they were severely injured,” one man who spoke under conditions of unanonimity said while speaking with


“They went to observe the Jumat service at the Central Mosque but unfortunately they were attacked, more terribly, they got arrested while the aggressors walked away freely.” further learned that the arrested suspects might be moved to the Police headquarters in Ibadan.


The arrest was confirmed by a source at the Area Command headquarters, Owode, Ogbomoso.


Meanwhile the development might not be unconnected with the controversy over the continued stay in office of the Chief Imam of Ogbomosoland Sheikh Teliat Yinus Ayilara on the ground that he does not belong to the Ayilara family whose turn it’s to produce the Chief Imam.


The issue had generated so much heat that the Soun-in-Council headed by Areago of Ogbomosoland High Chief Sobalaje Otolorin, during the week asked the embattled Chief Imam to”step aside” while the matter is resolved by the family.


But swiftly the Chief Imam obtained a court injunction restraining the Soun-in-Council from effecting the directive.


That elicited tension as to whether or not Teliat Ayilara would lead the Jumat service Friday at the Central Mosque.


That however has boiled over to beatings and arrests.

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