Aaje Ologo celebrates oldest widow at death (Photos)

Aaje Ologo celebrates oldest widow at death (photos)

Alaaje of Aaje Ologo in Ogbomoso HRH Reuben Adesina Amao JP fsi dss dir rtd and residents of Aaje Monday joined family members to celebrate the life of Mama Christiana Jenrola Abeo Ogunmola, who passed away Sunday June 23 at the age of 110.


“She was the oldest widow in the Ebun Asakun Amao Widowhood Foundation, a rural based NGO which l run by God’s grace, to cater for widows, widowers, orphans and the vulnerables at Aaje Ologo Ogbomoso. I was trained by a poor widow and knowing what she faced l took it upon myself to assist widows with God fearing friends, who realized we came with nothing and will go with emptiness,” Alaaje Amao said.

“Her death though at a very old age is painful; we are grieving but we accept the will of God. She was a fountain of wisdom from whom l tapped excessively. Mama Abeo was dedicated, a giver, a woman of integrity with the fear of God. She believed in saying the truth. She was among the elders that nominated me as Alaaje before the support of the entire chieftaincy family came.”

The monarch also explained in a chat with Ogbomoso Insight how the deceased guided him in traditional leadership of Aaje.

“From time to time she availed me of the opportunity of her immense native intelligence that is helping me to administer Aaje Ologo, for it is one thing to be educated, it is another is to be humble enough to learn from our fathers and mothers that are advanced in age.


“I tap wisdom and knowledge from her and through her l got to further learn our tradition, custom and history. In short, she was a good woman of the people. Her only shortcoming is she loved every body without coma.”

Delivering the sermon during her burial service at New Jerusalem Baptist Church Masifa, Rev’d Dr. Oluwaseyi Ojo, described death as a necessary end for all mortals noting life is like coming to the world to “trade, make profit but go back with nothing.”


The under-shepherd of the church, he urged the congregation to have the fear of God and do well “for death is inevitable,” adding, “after death we have two destinations – heaven or hell – but where we go will depend on our preparation. We should live well.”

Alaaje, HRH Adesina presented cash donation to the church for the care of widows and widowers at New Jerusalem Baptist Church where the deceased worshiped until her death. “That is our tradition,” the monarch stated. “We give token to assist the widows, widowers and orphans at such occasions. We normally hold our festival every December at Aaje.”

Alaaje (right) presents cash donation to the church for widows
During thanksgiving

Many who spoke about the late Mama Ogunmola commented on her good characters and expressed sadness over her transition. “You can see the manner she was celebrated in terms of attendance at the funeral and sympathies that poured in despite the fact she died only yesterday,” a resident of Aaje said.

Alaaje (left)
Alaaje discussing with community members.

The ex-director of Department of State Service (DSS) remarked later on what the responsibilities and qualities of a traditional ruler ought to be in modern time.

“As traditional rulers, progress and development of our domain should be paramount and we ought to always seek to improve the welfare of our people. It is wrong for a traditional ruler to seek to feather his own nest at the detriment of his subjects. How can a custodian of custom and tradition be selling lands indiscriminately? We should not be self-serving.”

He observed that in the northern part of the country “they prefer retired civil servants and people who have track record and have vast experience as traditional rulers.”

“My own experience has fortified my belief in this. It is all about problem solving and should not be about creating problems. It is to sustain customs and culture, ethics, behavioural packaging, societal management and be immune to insults that may go along with it. It is to render assistance to the people. All these made me to understand that baaleship is not meant for the boys. No wonder in the north, prepared and retired civil servants are placed in kingship position. Men who are credible, reliable, trustworthy, understanding and not criminals are placed in such position, mature individuals.”

Light entertainment
Gathering of Omo Osu – Glorious mothers at the late Abeo Ogunmola’s house Bolanta

He unfolded plan to register a new association in Aaje Ologo that will assist him in leading the community – Aaje Ologo Descendants – Community Progressive Union, which he explained would have various sub-committees as welfare committee, development committee, conflict resolution committee and so on. “We want to live up to our sobriquet – Ologo, the glorious ones,” he enthused.

Lawal Kudirat, Arike Ogunlade, Dorcas Akanji, Adunola Olawuyi and Victoria Adigun are some of the children of the late matriarch.

Mama was of Aaje compound married to a Bolanta Masifa man.

Photo of the deceased used in the burial programme

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