New twist as ‘real killer’ of Evangelist Adegboyega is arrested – ‘his blood must be crying for justice’

Image caption: Late Evangelist Adegboyega

New twist as ‘real killer’ of Evangelist Adegboyega is arrested – ‘his blood must be crying for justice’




In a dramatic turn of event the ‘real killer’ of Evangelist Segun Adegboyega is said to have been arrested, according to an impeccable police source.


Evangelist Adegboyega, reported, was brutally killed Monday morning by suspected Fulani herdsmen who invaded his small backyard farm at Gege area, an outskirt of Ogbomoso, along Iseyin road.

The first batch of suspects

He was said to have been attacked from the back with a dagger by one of the herdsmen for his effrontery to caution them against grazing his farm with cattle.


The suspects initially escaped the scene before other residents mobilized to hunt them down after his blood-soaked body was discovered, leading to the arrest of three herdsmen seen earlier herding cattle towards the deceased’s residence.


The suspects were subsequently taken to the palace of Soun of Ogbomoso Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye who handed them over to the police. The Oba assured justice would not be perverted. In the meantime, one of the suspects was identified as “the actual killer.”


The commander of Owode Police Command Ogbomoso ordered the men be transferred to Ibadan Tuesday morning but then the drama unfolded.


According to a reliable police source, the arrest of the “real culprit” was fortuitous. “The vehicle transferring the suspects to Ibadan got to Ogbomoso High School area and there was a stir among the suspects in the vehicle. Pronto, they pointed outside the vehicle at a Fulani man walking by the roadside, identifying him as the ‘real killer.’ The vehicle swiftly parked by his side and he was picked up, arrested without stress.”


But the source disclosed the development has created a source of apprehension in the police, “You know this is one story difficult to believe by the public. But that is how it turned out.”


He said it’s funny that all morning the area commander was urging the team leading the suspects to Ibadan to hasten up because the team seemed to be wasting time. “Who knows their seeming tardiness would lead to the arrest of the ‘real killer!’


A commentator reacting observed, “it must be the blood of the deceased that fished out the killer, this is someone expected to have fled this area but couldn’t go, he remained and got picked up just like that. The spirit of Evangelist Adegboyega must have been strong. His blood is certainly crying for justice.”

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