Olivet Bapt High Schl Oyo 1964-1968 set rounds off 55th grad‘ anniversary today

Olivet Bapt High Schl Oyo 1964-1968 set rounds off 55th grad‘ anniversary today

Members of the 1964 – 1968 set of Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo, will today round off celebration of their 55th post-graduation anniversary.

The grand finale today, Sunday, will feature thanksgiving service at the residence of one of the members, Engr. Remi Osiberu, between 12 and 1pm, with a reception that has reminiscences and lots of dances as components slated thereafter.

The special event which started Friday, December 1, at Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resorts, Ibadan, where members had lodged, has about 18 members in attendance though the number is expected to increase to about 40 today, a member told ogbomosoinsightonline.com.

Members had flown in from the United Kingdom, Alaska, Canada, USA and so on aside those residents in Nigeria. “It has been an emotional, thrilling event, it is thanks to God Almighty for the grace,” the member said.

Friday featured sporting activities, get together, indoor games and a DJ treating excited members to old evergreen music.


On Saturday, members had a walk-out cum sports and interactive session with a geriatic specialist during the morning session, while the afternoon/evening session featured sharing of retreat experiences, review of members’ welfare, hosting of wives of members by association’s chairman’s wife and moment of group relaxation with a musician (Omo Igbira to nko Fuji) on the band stand.

Olivet Baptist High School (formerly Oyo Baptist Boys’ High School), Oyo, Oyo state, located on a hill crest named Olivet Heights, was founded by American International Mission Board on January 29, 1945.

The school took off in the premises of old Baptist mission house at Oke-Isokun, Oyo (presently being used by Baptist College of Theology, Oyo), where Rev. Pinnock, the first Baptist missionary to the ancient Oyo empire established a mission post.

The school has facilities for hostel and staff quarters, and excels in academics and sports. Its A’level (HSC) section was abolished in 1989 in line with Nigeria’s new education policy.

Its motto, Cum Christo Progredere (Forward with Christ), remains the greatest inspiration to students.

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