Let us value our tail before it’s cut off 

Let us value our tail before it’s cut off


There is a story of a proverbial cow that didn’t value its tail until it’s cut off. The story has it that the cow had sores all over its body but God provided it with a long tail that it used to chase the flies that perched on its sores away. Yet, the cow was ungrateful until one day it fell into a trap and the tail was cut off.

The national awards given to some deserving Nigerians by Buhari government should be seen in this light; the lesson therein is that we should learn to reward people for meritorious jobs done while alive. It shouldn’t be after they are dead.

Most African countries honour their heroes after they are dead, an attitude that is in consonance with the behaviour of the ungrateful proverbial cow. Frankly, what the Buhari-led government has done of recent is a paradigm shift from what we had in recent years.

Thus, the various national awards bestowed on eminent Nigerians that have done well in their various endeavours or ministries does not conform to the attitude of that proverbial cow.

I am proud to say this that Ogbomoso illustrious son, Honorable Chief Sunday Dare, is one of the beneficiaries of these national awards (he bagged Nigeria Excellence Awards in Public Service (NESPS).

As Sports Minister, Sunday Dare has brought fame to Nigeria through various successes in international sporting competitions. The feats of Tobi Amusan at the World Championship this year, Nigeria’s contingent to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, Nigeria’s Under-17 female team (The Flamingoes at the World Cup in India) etc are evidences of his record outstanding performance.

Some of these athletes have also been conferred with national awards. Many other awardees are men and women of integrity that have played prominent roles in nation building processes, so awarding them while alive is commendable and motivational as it encourages them in doing more and serves as challenge to others to emulate them.

l want to.emphasize that people be rewarded for their efforts on earth here first before that of heaven so as not to be ungrateful to people that are doing well.

Congratulations to all awardees, most especially, our illustrious son, Minister for Youth and Sports Development, Hon. Chief Sunday Dare, the Agba Akin of Ogbomosoland. More power to your elbow Sir.

Adewuyi sends this piece from Ogbomoso. 08130851574.

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