JUST IN: Terrible accident at Express Interchange, NTA Ogbomoso, many dead

JUST IN: Terrible accident at Express Interchange, NTA Ogbomoso, many dead


News reaching Ogbomoso Insight indicates that a terrible accident just occured at Express Interchange NTA Ogbomoso, which has left scores of travellers dead.

According to eyewitnesses, an articulated vehicle (trailer) with registration number Ogun DED 222 XBO bearing a large container loaded with logs and coming from Ilorin swerved as it tried to link the road leading to Takie, the road there being in terrible conditions, and so had the container fall on a bus with Bauchi state inscription (Bauchi SHR 358 XR) loaded with passengers.

“It’s terrible,” an eyewitness says.

“Except the driver and may be the two passengers in the front seat who were able to jump out through the window others were trapped and already crushed.

“Many lives have been lost in the carnage, it’s just too terrible. I can see an elderly man though still breathing but his legs are pinned under the unbearable weight of the container and is writhing in terrible pain.

“They will need a hayab truck to remove the container but there is none now.”

It is terrible government plays with the lives of the citizens, this is a road whose construction began in 2001 but is yet to be completed. Only two weeks ago the minister for works and housing, Raji Fasola, visited that particular site promising the road would be completed soon.

But nobody is excited about that because several promises like that have been made in the past with nothing ever done in that direction.


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