Attack on ex-lawmaker’s family house, others’: Police arrest 20 in Ogbomoso

Attack on ex-lawmaker’s family house, others’: Police arrest 20 in Ogbomoso




Police have arrested about 20 suspects in connection with the recent attack by suspected miscreants on Aaje and other communities within Ogbomoso, Oyo state. reported the invasion of the communities including Aaje, Exchange, Ode Ladanu and parts of Ijeru about three weeks ago during which they vandalized buildings, vehicles and other properties worth millions of naira, including the family house of a former federal lawmaker, Hon Jacob Ajao Adejumo.


Accusing fingers were pointed at a notorious gang in Ijeru area known as “Wahala n payan boys,’ who were reported to have engaged previously in similar criminal attacks and alleged of boasting of having backup of political godfathers.


The raid by the police which came up Friday night at their various bases in Ijeru was successful as a number of the suspects were apprehended.


Meanwhile it is learnt some other persons were picked up in other locations outside Ijeru including at Patemotawin and Oja’gbo (at a Maitea shop).


“One of those arrested at Ijeru jumped off or escaped from the police van at Patemotawin and effort to re-arrest him led to picking up of some others,” an eyewitness informed.


Confirming the operation though putting the number of those arrested at about 12, a police source said “those arrested would be screened to ascertain their involvement with the gang and those not found culpable set free.”


The source added investigations into the matter are ongoing while the suspects are in custody.


“The command has zero tolerance for hooliganism and indeed all forms of criminal activities,” the source noted.

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