Double dose: DSS officer returns home after his girlfriend failed to turn up at hotel, only to catch wife with young lover

A senior officer of the Department of State Services (DSS) returned home after a week on outside duty but did not call his wife to inform her that he was in town. It was for a sinister motive meanwhile; he had hoped to spend the night with his girlfriend at a posh hotel in the sprawling city but the girlfriend failed to turn up at the last minute, he was disappointed, and so decided to make do with his wife at home. He still did not announce his coming; he thought there was no need. He dreamed of an explosive night with his wife but he received the shock of his life on reaching home. He caught his wife pant down in bed with her young lover! Hell was let loose! It was indeed a double dose.
According to an eyewitness, the DSS officer, Kehinde Adelekan (not real names), on a special assignment, had been out of town (Ibadan) for about a week on official duty.
Digging further, it was learnt that on the day he returned, it was in the evening, he did not call his wife, he had instead hoped to have a good time with one of his side chicks, and so, he had put a call through to her, Nkechi, an appointment was thus arranged for a posh hotel.
However, Nkechi did not turn up, “making the frustrated man decide on letting off on his wife at home. It was late in the night, about 10pm, and so he went home unannounced,” the eyewitness said.
“He drove home anxiously, and upon arriving home, he barged through the door without knocking, and stood in the living room. But he heard no response from his wife. As he stood in there trying to accustom himself to the situation, transfixed and wondering what was amiss, he sensed fleetingly, a figure crouching behind a dining chair. He instinctively pulled out his service pistol, alas, it was a young man!
“He threatened to pull the trigger if the ‘intruder’ failed to state his mission in the house. Scared, the man began to vomit his escapades with the officer’s wife. The young lover disclosed they were in the middle of another romp when the officer zoomed in, saying that is why he tried to escape.” learnt that other tenants, who were privy of the unholy affairs all along joined in begging the jilted officer, he was placated but he refused to take the wife in again. He drove her out that night.
“From that day, they seized to be husband and wife. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was a childless marriage,” the eyewitness revealed.

What is your opinion? Should the husband have expelled his wife, after all, he was also guilty of same amorous dalliances?

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