Ogo-Oluwa/Surulere constituency: Why 7 candidates are contesting against Bunvic – APP’s candidate, Kamo Koro

Ogo-Oluwa/Surulere constituency: Why 7 candidates are contesting against Bunvic – APP’s candidate, Kamo Koro
Jeremiah OYELEKE
Alhaji Kamorudeen Abiola Alagbe has given reasons why an unusually large number of candidates, eight, are contesting the House of Representatives’ election for Ogo-Oluwa/Surulere federal constituency in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

Alhaji Alagbe popularly called “Kamo Koro,” and who is the candidate of the Action Peoples Party (APP), contested the same position in 2019 on the platform of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), but lost to the incumbent, Hon Olusegun Dokun Odebunmi a.k.a. Bunvic, who is now contesting for a fourth term.
Kamo Koro speaking with ogbomosoinsightonline.com last week averred that for such number of candidates to have come out implies the serving legislator for the constituency has not done well.
He had begun, “Nine names were released by INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) but we discovered someone’s name appeared twice, perhaps it is an error, so, we are supposed to be eight,” adding, “The fact however is that the incumbent legislator representing our constituency, if he is doing well, such number of people would not have put their hats in the ring to challenge him, so, what it means is that we are challenging his poor representation.
“Look at it this way also, if he is a good representative, he would not have reasons to be campaigning, his achievements would have been speaking for him but because he has not done well he is now running helter-skelter, we should have been the ones running helter-skelter. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean I am lackadaisical about the election, my team is seriously working and we are on the road to winning, I am confident of winning.
“This is someone who ought to be relying on his achievements to speak for him but he is seriously agitated, and therefore, we are assured this time around he is going nowhere. Our fathers even say, Ile aye ko lo titi fun enikan (In life we all have our time).”
Adducing reason for his loss in 2019, he posited the result was manipulated against him. He consequently assured such shenanigan would not be allowed to repeat itself in 2023.
“I contested in 2019 against Hon Segun Dokun Odebunmi known as Bunvic, I won but the result was manipulated. This time however, we will make that impossible, I am confident of winning. Aren’t we to test our popularity? I am a farmer, I have represented and served farmers for many years and as you are aware in my constituency, we are predominantly farmers and I know where the shoe pinches and what our people want.”
He emphasized the votes would count in 2023, submitting, “God has exposed those who conspired against us last time, the chaffs have been separated from the wheat, we now have lieutenants who can be trusted.”
Asked to assess the strength and popularity of the party in which he is contesting, he asserted that the 2023 voting will be based on individuals and not parties.
“One needs a platform to contest and you know our fathers say itakun ti o ni ki erin o ma wo odo, ti oun terin ni o jo nlo (whatever vine is preventing an elephant from reaching the stream will tally along with it), moreover any grass an elephant tramples upon will die off. You know the logo of our party is elephant. So, we have faith in God that our party will coast home to victory.
“The good thing this time around is that people are going to vote for individuals and not parties. So, it depends on how well you ingratiate yourself with the electorate, your good name will make a way for you. The competition is keen and we are many but my team is confident of triumphing.”
On his chances he further stated, “I have held several positions, in which I gave a good account of myself; currently, I am the chairman of the produce buyers (cashew and cocoa) in both Ogbomoso zone (the five local governments of Ogbomoso North, Ogbomoso South, Surulere, Ogo-Oluwa and Oriire) and in Oyo state, and I have held the positions for quite some time. I relate well with people, I am accessible, you can see people milling around me, it is always like this, at times we disagree but it is to agree, I flow well with the people.
“In fact, I told our people at the state level that I needed to resign as chairman to contest election but they insisted I continue to hold the position. Last year, they dissolved the exco but still retained me as state president, saying they were satisfied with my leadership. This is because I operate an open door administration; I also welcome criticisms because I believe it helps to keep one on his toes, though criticism should be tailored to be positive and constructive.”
Alagbe, who is a native of Orile-Igbon, and who served as ward counselor in the 1990s, unveiled his manifesto, which include ensuring provision of good roads and water even though he realized these are beyond the purview of a legislator. His modus operandi according to him will be to use his influence at the centre to facilitate amenities to the constituency.

“Both Surulere and Ogo-Oluwa local governments are rural communities, with farming as the predominant occupation. I know road is very important to farmers. Without motorable roads it will be difficult for farmers to transport their produce to the markets. So, I will put in efforts to ensure provision of good roads.
“Aside road, I will concentrate on provision of good water to keep water-borne diseases at bay and ease the stress of our people who travel long distances before having access to water, which is often water from streams.
“I am aware these are beyond the primary objective of a legislator but if I am able to do that I will be satisfied, so, our people should ‘shine’ their eyes well, well, so they won’t return someone who has been there for three terms but has no impact really in their lives.”

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