OPINION: Politics dirty but not religion 


OPINION: Politics dirty but not religion


The import of the above headline is borne out of the remarkable difference that exists between politics and religion though both are practised by human beings and ordained by God. Historically, in the beginning religion and politics were intertwined as God appointed men of God to administer their kingdoms as shown in the Old Testament (Bible), where theocracy was adopted. Similarly now, some Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar etc have their kingdoms ruled by men of God with designated titles of kings.

However, in recent times, due to civilization and colonialism, western world came with democratic principles and ideas that tend to separate politics from religion. The recent involvement of men of God in active politics runs contrary to this submission and as such calls for serious caution. Men of God are honourable men and are supposed to behave as such; they should focus on keeping watch over their shepherd instead of dabbling into politics. They should leave politics to the politicians who are custodians of political powers and authorities.

Politics is game characterized by lack of scruples while religion is game of truth and faith. They are supposed to be parallel, though, this is not to say men of God should be apolitical or abstain from voting. But they should not involve themselves in active politics by way of campaigning for a party or asking their followers to vote for a certain party. This is not correct. They are so positioned to enlighten their followers on the need for them to vote in fulfillment of their civic right and warning them against selling their votes for money.

So, as elections are coming and campaigns are on, the electorates should shun any pastor or imam that wants to lord it over them to vote for leaders who are not of their choice. Let us stay safe as the campaigns are ongoing for us to have successful elections come 2023.

Adewuyi sends this piece from Ogbomoso (08130851574).

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