HEALTH: Choose food therapy over drug therapy

Foods are substances suitable for consumption. Every living thing eats a particular substance, be it animal or human. Food is the main driver of human body system. Everything God creates is a food substance for any class of creature. There is nothing that is in existence not traceable to food no matter how insignificant such thing might look.
The purpose of food is for strength and energy for all creatures. Our life depends solely on food. No matter whom we are and our status, food equalizes all of us. No one can underestimate the power of food. A mad man also understands the time his/her body needs food. When you remove food from someone, whoever the person could be, you have licensed the person to die. To win a war, break the food supply chain of your enemy and that is total victory. Food aids coordination and balances. It gives life to all living cells.
There are basically six (6) classes of food summarized by the nutritionists. All these classes are to guide us in a way to help our body senses and needs. Understanding the science of these food classes aids our body adequacy in their utilization and satisfaction. Once there are deficiencies, the body is sick. For reminder purpose, we have protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, fats and oils, minerals and enzymes.
Aside the classes of food people are aware of, we have two distinctive types of food, which are living and dead food, so, all the classes of food fall under proper consumption by individuals to determine whether it is living or dead.
The genesis of all human sicknesses is from what enters into the mouth down to our bowels. Our health obeys the principle of diet. People who have fallen victims of different kinds of sicknesses like hypertension, diabetes, kidney problems, stroke, ulcer, liver problems etc got these ailments from wrong dietary intake. The irony of life is, what easily kills are always more appealing and enticing. People tend to spend a lot of money on what will affect them than what will enhance them. That is why when the consequences come; they spend much more money to treat the outcome of it.
Everyone is a product of what he eats. Once you understand the secret of living diet, your body will continually obey creative principles and hardly will you get sick. Our health seminars are not needful if we don’t understand the food that cures. We might not even need any health seminars but food seminars. We can stop being a victim of hospitals and recurrent sicknesses if we can obey the rule of good diet.
Living foods are food we eat that renew, revive, replenish, restore and recreate on our daily existence. Our body cells need these foods to give us healthy life. All living foods are alkaline in nature for the purpose of constantly healing the body system. These types of foods work perfectly with the cells, organs and tissues for balancing the entire system and perfect health. The body naturally heals itself once it is supplied with necessary food substances as ingredients. Even if anyone falls sick, it is directly a deficient of a class of food, taking drugs is not the solution but eating and balancing up that deficiency. Food is the natural drug God creates for all living things on earth. Scarcely will you see animals falling sick except natural disaster because they eat living food always. Everything that is malnourished must be sick. So, if our kidney, liver, heart, brain, stomach, gallbladder, eyes, spinal cord, prostrate, etc are malnourished, they will be sick. Good food refreshes the body constantly and put them in the state of the health desired.
Some living foods are all natural foods from roots and leaves. When you take natural substances, you are directly blessing your body with God substances made for that purpose. Herbs are natural meal substances. Grains, greens, tomatoes, vegetables, garlic, ginger, tumeric, fruits, seeds, internal organs of animals, fishes, unprocessed flours, etc are the food we need to live a good healthy life.
Someone had cancer of the breast and visited hospital for different kinds of treatment, swallowed pills, some chemotherapy, but the situation got worsened, they now threatened to cut off the breast, then the case was referred to me, I changed her diets and the body starts its own natural healing processes. The cancer was healed with the two breasts in place. A diabetic patient only needs to know the right diets that heal. Anyone who has been consistently under a sickness attack can be freed once he is taking the right diet.
Our principle should be “Our food is our medicine and our medicine our food,” then we will be healthy. We don’t need to beg to live a healthy and sickness-free life once we understand that our life depends on the kind of food we eat. We should eat what will help us, not what will destroy us. We should be careful.
Dead foods are the foods we eat that affect our body cells and even destroy the body system. These food substances are always appealing and around us much more than the living foods. These are foods we create ourselves to damage our body for us. Fortunately, they are expensive than living foods but we prefer going after them. We choose these types of foods for self- aggrandizement but unfortunately they don’t satisfy. We give excuses eating these meals and sometimes when we know they are disadvantageous to our body and health, we cannot discipline ourselves to stay in the path of health. In these classes are junks, sugary substances, fatty foods, processed foods, spices, alcohol, cigarette, cold water etc.
It is pitiable that we don’t have time to cook again and those who cook kill their food while cooking it again, once you are consistently under a sickness attack check your diet, you need to stop all the dead food you are taking and switch to living food for a healthy life.
Our life expectancy depends on the kind of food we eat. It is either we reduce our life expectancy per meal or we prolong it. If we are eating what will be killing our body cells or making those cells sick, we tend to be shortening our life gradually. Some people are older than their age because they are malnourished. Many of us eat but not rightly. Ignorance is death. With the little you have, you can enjoy a healthy life. You don’t need big money to live healthy, you only need right knowledge.
If you are sick and the situation is going out of hand, drug will not help, maybe Doctors are even tired of your case, switch to dietary therapy. Your health is anchored on your food.
In Conclusion: Whatever food cannot heal, drug cannot do. Let us all make our food our medicine and our medicine our food.

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