Ogbomoso Sons & Daughters North America donates boreholes to communities

Jeremiah OYELEKE
Ago-Ife in Ogbomoso South local government and Taraa-Agboinin in Ogbomoso North local government are the two communities that yesterday (May 26) benefitted the two boreholes donated by the Ogbomoso Sons & Daughters in North America (OSDNA). The boreholes are complete with overhead tanks and generating sets.

Vice chairman of Board of Advisor OSDNA, Barrister Abiodun Oyeyemi commissioning the Ago-Ife borehole
Alao Ife of Ago-Ife commissioning a borehole

In his address at the two locations, vice chairman of the Board of Advisors of OSDNA, Barrister Abiodun Oyeyemi recalled that the organization had provided four boreholes in the past which he disclosed are functioning well and helping to ease water burden among the people of Ogbomoso.
He also informed that only last year the body gave palliative items to several widows in the height of Covid-19 pandemic, noting, “the members of the OSDNA may be physically far from here but their golden hearts are here and I pray God in His infinite mercy will continue to guide and guard them and rain His blessings on them.”

Members of the OSDNA Board of Advisors: From right; Rev’d Dr Akano; Barrister Abiodun Oyeyemi and Dn. Oyesina

Barrister Oyeyemi also thanked the other five members of the Board of Advisors including Rev’d. Dr. David Adegboyega Adeniran (chairman), Rev’d Dr. Ezekiel Akano, Pa David Oroniran, Dn. Gabriel Oyesina and Hon. Oyewale Gbemisoye (liaison officer).

At the Taraa borehole
A community leader at Taraa

He expressed hope that the 5 years guaranty promise on the boreholes by the contractor that drilled it, will be true urging the communities to ensure adequate maintenance.
Baale Ago-Ife, HRH Abraham Oyetunji Odeyemi, Adimula Ade-Ife I, appreciated OSDNA effusively admitting the borehole would go a long way to lessen the burden of water supply in the area.
He disclosed that a deep well and borehole provided for the community in the past by Hon Remi Odetomi and Hon. Segun Ogunwuyi did not last before water dried up in them.
He highlighted some developmental projects that Ago-Ife community had benefitted under his reign including converting a dumpsite to a prayer site, drainage, filling station and so on, assuring that more are coming.
Residents who spoke with The Insight similarly hailed the gesture. Mrs. Mulika Ismail, at Ago-Ife revealed it had been difficult getting water for domestic use in the area. She said they were happy, adding, “Many politicians have attempted it in the past but were unsuccessful, we do buy water at Ago-Ife for domestic use. So, this is a big surprise to us. I pray God will comfort the donors and their representatives in Ogbomoso.”
Mrs. Salahudeen Fatima similarly expressed happiness over the gesture noting it would bring a big relief to the residents of Ago-Ife.
Also at Taraa-Agboinin, Joyce Matthew said she was happy about the gesture “because we do trek long distances to fetch water.” Mrs. F.A. Ajagbe expressed similar sentiments and expressed gratitude to the donors.
A community leader at Taraa-Agboinin, Chief John Ogunlade remarked he was impressed by the borehole and very happy “because we are faced with water problem in the community. We trek several kilometers to get water especially during the dry season, our women do suffer. We appreciate them.”
He urged the users of the facility to use it properly to elongate its lifespan.
Also Chief Muraina Oladipo Fabunmi, spoke in similar vein, a resident, also praying effusively for OSDNA.

Residents of Taraa

By the generating plant at Ago-Ife

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