See the 8 projects Ogbomoso requested from Makinde and his response

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Ogbomoso is in dire need of developments, no doubt about that, its failure to secure the status of a state capital over the years has come with its detriments and so, is ever yearning for an upscale in its developmental indices. Its people on their own have made great efforts to develop their city and indeed whole of the zone through personal efforts and by facilitating projects from both state and federal governments. But what comes through these are only trickles when juxtaposed with the role the people of the community had played in the evolution of the country and Oyo state in particular. Thus, every opportunity that can engender development is often grabbed with both hands.

Cross section of the audience
At the Ogunlola Hall

So, when on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, Engr. Seyi Makinde, Oyo state governor, came visiting to hold the Ogbomoso version of the town hall meeting at Ogunlola Hall, Oja’gbo, as part of activities marking his second year in office, traditional rulers and community leaders from the five local governments of Ogbomoso zone, were on ground at the venue. The Ogunlola Hall was filled to capacity composed of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) enthusiasts and other town’s people.
The arrival of Engr. Makinde at about 4:00pm elicited joy and spontaneous applause with many struggling to catch a glimpse of the number one man in the state and whose strides largely align with theirs. The purpose of the town hall meeting was to give the governed the opportunity to unveil their most pressing needs which would make life more meaningful and for the governor to give response and unfold his plan for the community.
Olugbon of Orile-Igbon, Oba Francis Olusola Alao; Onpetu of Ijeru, Oba Sunday Oladapo Oyediran; Prince Lere Ajiboye; and Onisaamo of Saamo, High Chief Babatunde Amao Fagbire who represented Onikoyi of Ikoyi were among the prominent people from the zone, who spoke at the venue. Though, it was obvious, all of the speakers had more to say but were hamstrung by time and only were able to make mention of a fraction of what they had in store. brings eight of the these requests made to Governor Seyi Makinde:

The governor flanked at the right by his deputy, Engr Rauf Olaniyan and to his immediate right by his wife

1. Upgrade of Ogbomoso Water Works.
This request is made in order to ensure the dam functions at full capacity for adequate supply of pipe-borne water to Ogbomoso municipal and beyond.

2. Dualization of Ogbomoso Baptist High School/Arowomole/Oja’gbo/Orita-Naira/LAUTECH Teaching Hospital road.
This is expected to improve the aesthetic view of the city and improve traffic situation in the axis. The road cuts through two local governments – Ogbomoso North and Ogbomoso South.

3. Completion of Ogbomoso South Local Government Secretariat.
The prototype secretariat building started over 22 years ago and was not completed by successive administrations. It is believed to be the only old secretariat building started at the time across the state that has not been completed.

4. Housing Estate for health workers.
The administration of Engr. Makinde has promised to construct Primary Health Care Centres along with residential buildings for health workers. It is thus requested that a central housing estate be constructed in the zone for the purpose.

5. Rehabilitation of Ipeba/Ajaawa/Pontela/Arowomole road.
This is an important road that is badly damaged. The last time any tangible repair was done on the road was during the tenure of Chief Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala, when the road was extensively plied by travelers to and fro Ibadan including Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala. This was before the opening for use of the Oyo-Ibadan portion of the new highway between Ibadan and Ilorin, when the old road had become a practical death trap. The road connects two local governments’ headquarters.

6. Rehabilitation of Ikoyi-Ile/Idi-Ede road.
The road which transverses Oriire local government is an important road in the conveyance of farm produce which is largely produced in the council area. It links the headquarters of the council, Ikoyi-Ile and an important market, Obada (Odo-Oba Market). If rehabilitated, it will serve great purpose.

7. Completion and removal of bottlenecks against the opening for business of Ogbomoso Ultra Modern Market at LAUTECH area
It is strange why this massive market is not in use over 15 years after its completion. It was started by late Governor Lam Adesina during his tenure between 1999 and 2003. It will surely boost economic activities in Ogbomoso if put to adequate use.

8. Combating insecurity in Oriire Local Government.
Oriire local government is a hotbed of Fulani herdsmen terrorists with a lot of farm disruptions, killings and maiming taking place. It is thus the reason why the government is called upon to intervene. It is stated that at around October every year, trucks do offload cattle at Igbeti side in Olorunsogo local government, from the northern part of the country. Thus, the herdsmen have continued to infiltrate the whole of Oriire local government causing havocs to farming communities. Recently, there was a report by this platform that some heavily armed bandits were sighted at a part in the local government – Alapasa/Igbori.

The response of the governor
Meanwhile, His Excellency, Governor Makinde while responding, acknowledged the demands promising to look into them. He went on to announce his own immediate plan for the community. He promised to construct a flyover within Ogbomoso metropolis in the next two years.
According to him, “I have gone round Ogbomoso since morning and I did not see a single overhead bridge in the city. I promise you, we will commission one in Ogbomoso before 2023.”
This is just as the governor promised to construct a road between Ibadan and Ogbomoso via Iseyin and Oyo. He said this against the backdrop of slow pace of work on the Ogbomoso-Oyo section of the Ibadan-Ilorin new highway, which is more or less abandoned.
He had said, “This becomes necessary since we don’t know when the federal government will complete the expressway under construction.”
Also, he assured he would enact the law on ban on open-grazing in the state.
Earlier, the governor had commissioned projects at LAUTECH and while at the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, he promised to facilitate full use of the hospital by providing an enabling environment.
He also put smiles on the faces of 177 staff laid off in the hospital during the life of the immediate past administration, whom Makinde reinstated last year and now ordered that 5 months salary arrears owed them be oaf forthwith.

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