2 yrs in office: Crown FC congratulates Makinde, describes gov as uncommon


The management of Crown Football Club, Ogbomoso has congratulated The Oyo state governor, Engr. Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde on his 2nd anniversary in office.
In a statement made available to newsmen yesterday, signed by the Acting General Manager of the club, Mr. Kunle Oyeleye, the club expressed gladness over the milestone and appreciated what was described as the remarkable performance of the governor in two years.
“We congratulate our father and financier, Governor Seyi Makinde on his 2 years in office as Executive Governor of Oyo state. As the helmsman of the state, he has brought so much succour, happiness and hope to the people.

Kunle Oyeleye

“Under his wise reign, our story has changed from hopelessness to hopefulness, poverty to prosperity and corruption to sincerity. We highly appreciate him because his government has intervened positively in all facets of the state.”
Crown FC, campaigning in the Nigerian Pro League, further noted that Engr. Makinde has made a lot of sacrifices to ensure a better Oyo state, asserting the governor has conquered selfish tendencies.
“Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness. Your sacrifice and selflessness are well noted. Through this, you have changed the narrative in Oyo state.”
The club otherwise known as “Ajilete Warriors” hailed the governor noting that in spite of paucity of funds many incredible achievements have been recorded in the state, therefore describing him as saviour of the state just as it is stated that Makinde is a reformer that is rare.
The club also prayed for the governor wishing him long life and successes in his endeavours. It posited that Makinde had written his name in gold and that as a result he had immortalized himself.
“We pray that your life shall not be cut short in your prime so as to continue in the uncommon transformation of your fatherland. You are the ‘Emmanuel’ of this state, your wisdom and power shall never be revealed to the wicked ones.
“Your style of governance has rekindled our hope for greater Oyo state. In just two years, your name has been etched in gold by immortalizing yourself with great achievements surpassing every known standard beforehand.
“Despite the lean resources in the country, you continue to raise the bar of governance to the amazement of all and sundry; from economy to infrastructure, agriculture, trade and commerce, sports and general administration, you have done incredibly well. You keep marching on where others are busy complaining of lean resources.
“Your prompt payment of salaries, pensions and gratuities is second to none. We are convinced our state and future is in a safe hand.
“Your outstanding performance in all areas has made it difficult to point to only one achievement where you have lavishly touched, you are a man of many parts. As God lives 2023 is a goal. We see him as a reformer that is uncommon. He has really transformed the Pacesetter State.”
The club was effusive in its praise of the South-West Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader, as it further submitted, “You have taken the economy of the state out of the doldrums with your Midas touch. Your concerted effort at improving the security of the state is well noted.
“Your Excellency, your great achievements continue to inspire youths and at Crown Football Club Ogbomoso we are not leaving any stone unturned to compliment your administration’s efforts by way of making strenuous efforts to always post sterling results in our matches. You are a goal getter and we are condemned to remain one.
“We therefore wish you more energy, verve and vigour to continue stronger in your sterling service to our dear state. We are assured that the two years remaining on your first tenure will witness further tremendous accomplishments.”

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