See popular prophet who died in Ogbomoso last week

When paupers die no comets are seen but the heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes, is a paraphrase of a popular Williams Shakespeare’s aphorism. When a man of God who delivers those in bond from their shackles via prayers of deliverance, dies suddenly, more so at a relatively young age, it is certain, some virus of amazement will quickly infect the people. But that is where our understanding ends as only God knows why He takes such men and why He allows such “calamity” to occur. We cannot query or judge Him! He is the omnipotent, omnipresence and omnipresent.

Late Evangelist Sunday Fatunmibi

The transition of Evangelist Sunday Ayobami Fatunmibi on Monday, May 24, 2021, elicited such surprise and lamentations. Evangelist Sunday Fatunmibi was a man of God whose ministry, known as Benediction Centre at Sunsun area Ogbomoso, attracted a lot of people, who sought deliverance from various satanic attacks and solutions to their life problems.
“Baba Fatunbi” as he was popularly called was fervent and had been used of God to deliver many of their afflictions. He held regular programmes at his centre, often attended by hundreds of people.
But the journey to be with his creator and Lord started sometimes last year, according to findings by, when he began to experience ill health. He reportedly got over it, but he never fully recovered. Few days to his passage it was even said he ministered at the centre. It was thought he had overcome the illness, whose nature was undisclosed but God has other plans and so, he breathed his last on Monday, May 24.
Late Fatunmibi was born on May 8, 1960, of Ogbomoso parentage at Adu compound in Akunko. He worked as a primary school teacher before he voluntarily retired in 2010. From a young age, he was said to have been fervent in the service of the lord and no wonder he founded the Benediction Centre in Odanbon in Surulere local government area in 1993. He relocated the prayer centre to Ogbomoso in 2005.
Evangelist Fatunmibi was an incisive teacher of the word and had his ministry devoted to prophetic deliverance. As an evangelist, he took the gospel to many towns in Nigeria and beyond.
Buried on May 26, he was survived by an aged mother, wife and several biological and spiritual children. May his soul rest in peace.

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