Ogbomoso: Owners retake Atenda meat sellers’ site

Ogbomoso: Owners retake Atenda meant sellers’ site




Meat merchants in Ogbomoso Oyo state have relocated to the new Ogbomoso Ultramodern Market opposite LAUTECH.



The relocation was effected Monday, April 8, after a lot of hullabaloo, cajoling, appeals and eventually force, as a bulldozer had to be moved in, to demølish the old site at Atenda, Ojatuntun.


The butchers are now exploring fresh adventures at the new location.


However, a visit to the old site by ogbomosoinsightonline.com Monday reveals the fencing of the place had commenced in earnest indicating the land had reverted to the last (or new) landlord.


But it’s the last known landlord, it was found out.


“The land belongs to Anglican Church, it was the church that released the land for the butchers for use,” a source close to the church informed Ogbomoso Insight.


Further findings show it was Oba Olajide Olayode the then Soun of Ogbomoso (1966 -1969) that actually liaised with the Anglican Communion (Church of Nigeria) for the release of the land for the meat merchants in about 1967.


“But it was not until 1981 during the tenure of late Prince Babatunde Okanlawon as chairman of the defunct Ogbomoso local government that the market was developed and the butchers moved in,” an aged butcher who did not however mention his name disclosed.


The abattoir/meat seller a location before Atenda came up, was said to be the portion of land beside Sabo Baptist Church. The place is now overgrown by weeds, it is said a bank later acquired it but is undeveloped.

So, Atenda served as Ogbomoso central abattoir for over 40 years.


“However, while the tenancy lasted it was the local government that was collecting tenement revenue, the church received nothing,” another source said.


The Anglican Church following the relocation of the butchers had therefore moved fast, building a perimeter fence to secure the land, to give notice that they, not the local government or any other authority or any individual, are the landlord.

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