New Ogbomoso market: Council boss on journey so far, hails Soun, as butchers react

New Ogbomoso market: Council boss on journey so far, hails Soun, as butchers react




“Where we are standing was a thick forest, impassable,” the chairman of Ogbomoso North local government, Alhaji Akanji Kabir Ayoade, recalls while speaking with during an interview at the butchers section of the Ogbomoso Ultramodern Market, which is just coming up for business activities.

“But the moment l came on board as chairman, mind you, l never lived in any other place, l have lived all my life in Ogbomoso, so, l knew when this market came into existence without development. Baba Lam Adesina built this market but since that time it did not develop.

“So, when l assumed office l came to inspect it to see what was happening, that’s when l discovered it had been turned into a drying ground for cashew nut. So, we went to the Ministry of Trade and Commerce. We discussed on ways to partner with them, and we agreed. Since then, we started taking steps.


“And with the backing of God and individuals in the community, we flagged off work. Today, the market is coming up with the relocation of butchers from their old site at Oja-tuntun.”


Dubbed Ogbomoso Ultramodern Market, it was conceived by the administration of Governor Lamidi Onaolapo Adesina (1999 – 2003) to boost business activities in Ogbomoso. Alhaji Adesina (Great Lam) began the construction but it was not until during the administration of Governor Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja (2003 – 2007) that it was commissioned.

However, the multi-million naira market was comatose. Most of the shops and warehouses were locked up, the section for butchers was undeveloped just as there were tracts of land (for private developers) taken over by bushes. Later, operatives of Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) occupied a building and then the foodstuffs section got off the ground, with relocation of traders from Sabo (Wazo-bia Market) and the section tagged “New Wazo Market.”

Council boss Alhaji Kabir Ayoade

Save those two sections, the market would have been forgotten. But the story changed with the coming of the visionary Hon Ayoade in 2021. His relentless efforts drove the move for the relocation of butchers from their old inadequate location to the new market, which was effected Monday April 8 sequel to the overnight destruction of the old place.

The new abattoir
Inside the abattoir

Ayoade particularly thanked the incumbent governor of the state, Engr. Seyi Makinde, for the feat just as he appreciated the contribution of the reigning Soun, His Imperial Majesty Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege III.

“We thank God and we thank our governor, Engr. Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde, may he attain more successes over his numerous successes because if not for him, we wouldn’t have been speaking of this market roaring to life.”


“This shed erected for the meat sellers, it was the Oyo state government that funded it, so also the abattoir. We constructed 100 stalls and allocated land to others to build their stalls.”

Lairage – for holding animals not slaughtered till next day
Slab for burning off of slaughtered cows

But it was a great ordeal getting the butchers to move to the new site. Bulldozers had to move in overnight (April 7/8) to demolish the old place before the feat was achieved. “However, to get them relocated was tedious. You know people always are resistant to change. Moving them involved a lot of dragging, they heaped abuses and cursed us. But we were adamant too, knowing what they stand to gain,” the council boss stated.


“We thank God however that at the end of the day, they are here. And we could see they are now happy. This space is spacious, and they record greater sales, someone slaughtering one cow before has increased the number to two or three. We thank God, we thank the governor.”


Commending the Soun Oba Olaoye, the chairman submitted the Oba’s interventions at crucial moments pacified the butchers. The Oba’s vision and passion particularly to have the ultramodern market become bustling drove and accelerated the process, the chairman said.


“We appreciate our father, Kabiyesi, Soun of Ogbomosoland, His Imperial Majesty Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege III. His obsession with the market is apparent. In fact, Kabiyesi had visited this place more than 10 times. He emphasized to me that market is essential in a community because both the rich and the poor meet together in the market. In addition, the monarch said he wished this market would attain international standard. This market is now flourishing, and we know in two months’ time, development here will be incredible.”


He maintained the successful relocation of the butchers was not unconnected with the Soun’s intervention,”because when it became critical and we gave them deadline to quit the old place, the butchers went to Baba Soun to express objection. Kabiyesi appealed to us to extend the deadline.”

“When the new deadline was upon them they started to dither again and Kabiyesi personally went to them in the market at Atenda to let them see reason why they needed to move. And after we provided the borehole it was Kabiyesi that bought a brand new generator for them.


“In fact, Kabiyesi is planning to build new rows of sheds for them that will accommodate another 100 stalls or more. That however is being delayed because of the non-cooperative posture of the people. While some show preference for the shed others want loan from Kabiyesi. Yet, some are saying if they are given loans repaying might be difficult. But those of us close to Kabiyesi prefer the donation of shed and Kabiyesi is ready for that.

“The vision of Kabiyesi for this market is broad. It is beyond even our level, we are thinking of relocating butchers but he is seeing beyond that. So, that’s why we are happy our prayer has been answered over this market. If Kabiyesi is not interested in the market we will be worried of what becomes of it after we leave office. But with the interest of His Majesty, and vision for the market, the market will flourish and attain high standard beyond our imagination.”

Alhaji Ajao Seriki Alapata Irorun De


Confirming the submission of Hon Ayoade fondly called KB, John Gbemiga Akano a.k.a. Alaya said in a chat with, “This place is bigger, it is spacious, we enjoy good ventilation. Moreover, we make more sales, this place is bustling. We are better off.”


Alaya further disclosed the lairage built for them is of immense benefit as “it provides opportunity to keep animals not slaughtered till next day, a facility not available at the old place.”


Similarly, Alhaji Olusegun Issa Ajao, chairman of Irorun De Butchers Association, though admitting the old place had become unfit because of the stench arising from inadequate space pointed out they didn’t actually resist relocation for no reason that it was because the place was not completed.

Akano a.k.a. Alaya, says, ‘we are better off here ‘

He meanwhile alleged, “even part of the original land for us had been reallocated to private individuals, shrinking our space.


This is as he recalled, “We were given a deadline of December to vacate, but we appealed to Oba Ghandi who helped us to plead with government. And so the deadline was extended to March ending.


“The Oba encouraged government to hasten provision of facilities at the new site and he assisted us by buying a generator to power the pumping machine for the borehole. We thank the chairman too and the chiefs. Soun made a lot of other promises.’



But it is not yet uhuru, Ajao harped. According to him, the issue of waste disposal is a major problem. “Soon, we will be having rancid odour emanating from the dumpsite. They assured they would evacuate everyday but this is not being done.”


This was corroborated by Alaya who painted a more sordid picture, “In few months, l am sure the church sharing boundaries with us, the Winners Chapel, would be complaining because of the obnoxious odour if proper evacuation of cow dung is not seen to. There should be a waste disposal vehicle even if a token will be collected.”


Another pressing need according to Alhaji Ajao is transportation issue especially for customers. “If government can provide about four buses it will ease movement of customers to the market. If one is provided at Baby area, one at Agric area, Arowomole and Ogbomoso Grammar School area, it will increase patronage. People complain of high cost of Okada. We beg the state government to look into this.”


He also appealed for upgrading of the drainage system at the market just as he made reference to adequate water supply saying their attempts to dig well were abortive because of the underlying rock.

Some new shops under construction

Alaya added the need to relocate kraal to a closer place to ease movement of cow for slaughter.


Reacting, the council boss noted he had advised them to increase the water points by laying pipes to the burning slab and to the meat sellers subsection. “The water in the borehole we provided is more than adequate, they only need to buy another storage tank and build scaffold to channel water to other subsections. If not our tenure is ending l would have promised to do that but l can’t commit myself. However, l am very sure with the support of Kabiyesi, there is nothing we wish to do in this market that we won’t accomplish because Kabiyesi is really interested and committed.

On evacuation of dung and other wastes he disclosed it is being taken care of, informing a consultant had been contracted to convert the waste into organic fertilizer and assured nothing would become waste in the market.

New shops are being built at an impressive rate, the outgoing chairman reacted, the land was newly allocated to “road side traders from old Wazo Market at Sabo and other places like Ojatuntun, those driven away from public schools’ lands etc, they are the ones we allocated those places to and you can see everyone building his/her shop. We gave the land free because we want fast development in the market.”

A locked warehouse

When asked he revealed there is another 5 acres at the other side yet undeveloped but that state government would have to be consulted before the place can be opened up. “It is a big market,” he enthused.

A locked shop: That is the bane of the market, many who were allocated the shops at inception got them without operating them, some got as many as eight it was learnt and put them under locks and keys thereafter, some might even be late. That’s a logjam that has to be broken if the market as a whole will roar to  a bustling life

He expressed confidence the incoming chairman would sustain the tempo. “The person coming is from our party, this coming election (on Saturday April 27), it is Peoples Democratic Party that will win because there is no other party,” dismissing the argument that he couldn’t be so sure.


He boasted, “There is no other party in Ogbomoso North except PDP, so, it is our party that will win and the person is our person and he is aware of our efforts in this market, we carry each other along because he is my brother and friend. He knows many things we are doing. Moreover, there is no one that will not want this place developed.”

An entrance to the market

On government built shops under locks and keys as a result of abandonment by the owners he warned the shops would be forced open and re-allocated to people who are ready to open them for business. “We won’t allow anyone to hold up development in the market,” he asserted.

This is as it is observed that paving the access road with asphalt will do the market a lot of good.



Cow dung heap at old site

The relocation is a big relief to neighbours of the butchers at their old place, Ogbomoso Insight was told.


“We heaved a sigh of relief when we came to office on April 8, and we found the place flattened,” an officer in the government complex opposite who however spoke under condition of anonymity disclosed.


“The stench oozing from their dump site was unbearable. The place had become a nuisance. Students and teachers of Anglican High School which is also opposite are happy as well. It is a big relief,” he said.

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