Oyo Water Corporation lauds Soun’s ‘tremendous’ contribution to revamp Ogbomoso Waterworks

Image caption: Soun, looks to have potable water restored in his domain

Oyo Water Corporation lauds Soun’s ‘tremendous’ contribution to revamp Ogbomoso Waterworks




The Water Corporation of Oyo state has lauded the input of Soun of Ogbomosoland Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege III in the ongoing efforts to revamp the moribund Ogbomoso waterworks, describing it as tremendous.

Oba Olaoye with the chairman Water Corporation of Oyo state Hon Elias Adeojo during a visit to Ogbomoso recently

The words of commendation were dropped by the public relations officer (PRO) of the corporation, Mr. Kazeem Ogunmola, Monday morning, during a telephone chat with ogbomosoinsightonline.com.


Ogunmola, speaking for the chairman, Hon. Elias Adeojo, disclosed that the Engr Seyi Makinde-led government is committed to resuscitating pipe-borne water and had consequently embarked on rehabilitation of waterworks across the state informing the Eleyele waterworks in Ibadan and the Oyo waterworks are already undergoing rejuvenation.


The PRO enthused the contract for the Ogbomoso waterworks which had also been awarded is already under execution, stating the Soun’s role is highly commendable and worthy of emulation.

Water Corporation boss Elias on an inspection of the River Oba dam site

Ogunmola submitted, “We are carrying out repair works across the state. We are doing one at Oyo, one at Ibadan, Eleyele waterworks and then the one in Ogbomoso, through the Oyo state government.


“The Soun’s contribution is very, very tremendous. Soun is a father figure in that project. He has made huge contributions along with some other notable Ogbomoso indigenes. He gave us money, he gives us the support. By the time the project is completed water will flow again.


“The Soun has set a good example in Oyo state. What he told my chairman is that government should not be left alone with developmental projects explaining that is why he came out to render the support. He supports us morally and financially.


“Taking a cue from him government is appealing to other notable indigenes of the state to support developmental projects.”

At a pipe laying location

Visits to the waterworks in Ogbomoso revealed the repairs had taken off in earnest.


A staffer, who preferred anonymity, gleefully informed that restoration of filter beds/media, sand media, nozzle and other facilities and equipment to ensure water purification are currently being undertaken.


The source added that excavation of the channels for pipes started last week. ogbomosoinsightonline.com observed the excavation and laying of pipes at the 600m stretch between roundabout and Bowen/Seminary junction.

These pipes will channel water from the dam to the two huge reservoirs at Osupa area, which is the point of water distribution to other parts of the metropolis.


When asked if epileptic electricity supply will not jeopardize the efforts he stressed it would not be a problem, disclosing the monarch had given assurance of IBEDC commitment to supply a minimum of 10-hour electricity to the waterworks on a daily basis. “With that they will be able to pump water to the reservoirs. The generator is also being repaired. By the power of God water will be restored in the city,” the source stated.

In what way did Oba Ghandi come in?

Aside extracting commkitment from IBEDC impeccable sources at the palace informed that the Oba at inception held meetings with relevant state government authorities including the chairman of the water corporation, Mr. Adeojo.


Oba Olaoye reportedly hammered on a consistent basis his willingness to get drinkable water restored in Ogbomoso while promising financial assistance towards its realization.


Thereafter, the traditional ruler spoke with few prominent indigenes, a socio-cultural organization and some of his personal friends to contribute financially and they all responded enthusiastically with handsome donations. He reportedly coughed out the biggest individual amount, thus, a relatively colossal amount was put together.

“Kabiyesi is someone who walks the talk. His majesty matches word with action,” the source affirmed.


“He is obsessed with changing the narrative in his domain and he considers the restoration of basic amenities such as potable water, electricity, good roads and so on as fundamental.

Reservoirs at Osupa area

“If you have been following the trajectory of his reign, he has been working on the provisions of these infrastructures. As instances, he met with the minister of power on the completion of the 132kv substation in Ogbomoso, visited the construction site of the new Ogbomoso-Oyo expressway to appeal to the contractor to expedite action on the project, and personally undertook filling of potholes in intracity roads with stone dust in the past. Water, road and electricity are his priorities now before setting out to facilitate other things, that we understand.”


Ogbomoso has two waterworks, both which are presently non-functional. The Eku dam was completed in 1938 while the bigger Oba dam was commissioned in 1964.


The latter worked efficiently until the early 1990s when the taps dried off.


The government of Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala awarded contracts for the resuscitation of the two waterworks but both suffered abandonment despite millions of naira expended on the projects.

Most of the equipment provided then and earlier have been vandalized and illicitly carted away by known and unknown persons.


It is therefore hoped the present collaboration between the state government and Oba Olaoye will yield positive results.

One thought on “Oyo Water Corporation lauds Soun’s ‘tremendous’ contribution to revamp Ogbomoso Waterworks

  1. All efforts of Kabiyesi, Oba Ghandi Olaniyi to bring a new lease of life to Ogbomoso people is highly commendable. Ogbomoso people has not made a mistake in the choice of a person to lead to lead them. By words and action, I don’t see Oba Oba Ghadi as a ruler. I see him as a LEADER. A leader knows the way and leads while others follow. Some others seeks the throne for fame, popularity and power for personal enrichment. But Kabiyesi is using all these for the betterment of his people. I count Ogbomoso very lucky to have a like him on the throne at this time of our history.
    On the waterworks under renovation, Water Corporation of Oyo State should be reminded that Ogbomoso of today is different from Ogbomoso of 1964, the era of great SLA. The town has expanded exponentially with a very large population. Therefore, another sets of bigger reservoirs and new and extended networks of water pipelines are needed to serve generality of people in Ogbomoso without any discrimination. This may be down in phases give the enormity of costs of such oroject. Nevertheless, it is a task that must be down.
    The developmental steps taken or initiated by Kabiyesi are the building blocks or prerequisite for economic/industrial development of any place. By basic economics theory learnt in secondary schools, for industrialisation of any place. electricity supply, good road networks and access to pipeborne water are the necessary factors. When these are in place, businessmen, industry and entrepreneurs will be find such a place good destination for their investment.

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