Medical officer dies, after arrest for standing guarantor for official who defrauded bank

Medical officer dies, after arrest for standing guarantor for official who defrauded bank


A medical officer (name withheld) at a government hospital in Owode area, Ogbomoso North local government of Oyo state has ended up dying after she was released from detention by the police who kept her when someone she stood guarantor for to secure a microfinance bank job defrauded the bank and absconded.

According to information reaching the deceased, in her forties, had out of goodwill, agreed to stand as guarantor for the person who applied for employment in a microfinance bank, not knowing it would hasten her own death.

The friend was employed but cupidity for wealth got the better of the friend and so committed series of heists against the bank resulting in a fraud of about N2m to N3m, sources claimed.

When the crime was discovered in the bank the suspect managed to evade arrest and disappeared into thin air.

After fruitless efforts to track the suspect, the bank was said to have reported to the police (perhaps bank is in Kogi state, it could not be ascertained) and so policemen from Kogi state command allegedly stormed Ogbomoso to whisk away the guarantor, who was shocked for the turn of event.

It was further learnt that efforts of her people to scuttle the move to take her to Kogi state by raising the said amount was rebuffed by the police who insisted she would have to make the trip first. All pleas in this regard fell on deaf ears.

“She was eventually whisked to Lokoja (capital of Kogi state) where she spent seven days before release. She fell sick immediately she returned and five days after she was dead,” sources informed.

Survived by two children and husband she had since been buried.

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