Gov Makinde needs to fasttrack relocation of Ayede Polytechnic to its permanent site 

Gov Makinde needs to fasttrack relocation of Ayede Polytechnic to its permanent site





The editor of Insight newspaper/, Mr Femi Ogunlana, in an article on Sunday, titled, “Ayede: Kudos Oyo govt on technical college, but help with this too,” gave kudos to the governor firstly for granting the polytechnic the use of facilities of the Oyo State Technical College, Ogbomoso. He, the editor, just like Oliver Twist, now makes further request from the governor by advising him to tar the roads that link the polytechnic to Ogbomoso and other surrounding towns so as to facilitate easy relocation of the polytechnic to its permanent site, Ayede. This clarion call is laudable and so taking a cue from that, l also advise and implore the governor to heed the appeal. The editor has given both personal and general benefits that such moves can bring to the governor and the public at large. Education being on the concurrent list of power sharing relation of the presidential system of government, there should be a symobotic relationship such that states can contribute to the development of federal government’s institutions. So, this is the import of this appeal by the editor to the governor. Not to see Ayede as merely a federal government institution alone but also as his own institution since it is sited in Ogbomoso, Oyo state. Without saying, the people of Oyo state will reap the benefits most and when the history of the polytechnic is being written, the governor, Seyi Makinde’s name will be written with an indelible ink for fasttracking its relocation to its permanent site. For good names are better than gold or riches. So, Seyi, do it again!!!


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