Coronation: Soun launches operation zero potholes on road

Coronation: Soun launches operation zero potholes on road




The Ogbomoso city has begun to wear a new look as the coronation activities of Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Soun of Ogbomosoland kicks off Thursday.

Wednesday, road construction activities began in bad portions of the major trunk A road that passed through the metropolis specifically at Caretaker area through the Seminary to Bowen Hospital area.


There were deep gullies in these areas which make driving through difficult especially with the hundreds of articulated vehicles plying the road, often resulting in traffic snarls.

But RCC were at the site today patching up the badly damaged portions with stone base.

Meanwhile reports that the repair work is at the instance of Soun of Ogbomosoland, Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye, who according to his spokesperson, Rev Peter Olaleye approached the relevant authorities to get the road repaired in order to make driving through the metropolis less burdensome especially during the forthcoming coronation activities billed to start Thursday with an empowerment programme.

“His Majesty is committed to improving the outlook of Ogbomoso in all facets. He is willing to meet with relevant stakeholders to effect the desired changes.

“It is part of the reason he decided to launch operation zero tolerance against potholes. Kabiyesi is not happy with the condition of Ogbomoso roads and that is why he decided to partner with the Renolds Construction Company (RCC) to rehabilitate some major roads in the city.”

He stressed, “This is even more germane because of the coronation ceremony of His Majesty,” while calling on the people of the community to continue to support and cooperate with the Oba.

RCC is the contracting firm handling the construction of the Ogbomoso – Oyo section of the new Ibadan – Ilorin dual carriage way.

It is however learnt that due to delay in the release of more funds by the federal government the company is gradually winding up construction activities on the project which has already reached Ogbomoso from Oyo.

It’s planning to relocate to the eastern part of the country to take on another project if succour does not come from the government in respect of the Ogbomoso – Oyo one, further learned.

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