Twindad CEO Kunle Adegbite’s multiple awards: Honours well merited, deeds worth emulating 

Twindad CEO Kunle Adegbite’s multiple awards: Honours well merited, deeds worth emulating 




Dr Kunle Samson Adegbite recently began to make waves especially in Ogbomoso, his hometown. Though he first warmed his way into the people’s consciousness sometimes last year when he opened an orphanage home, located at Hamama area. The orphanage home is well funded and I guess he conceived its idea out of his deep care and concern for the less-privileged. He is someone I have known for long and so I am familiar with his ways. He has always shown love for those less fortunate than he is. And when God raised him financially, through dint of hard work it is not difficult for him to render assistance.


His orphanage home christened, “Twindad Orphanage Home,” is the second in the whole of Ogbomoso zone as far as I know, the first is Kersey’s Children Home popularly known as “Baby.” Baby was founded by the missionaries and so he has trod where missionaries trod. That is a plus and it deserves immense accolades. These children of his orphanage home are well taken care of. They attend good schools and they don’t look famished, I have come across them at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary staff schools on occasions. Most of them are plump in stature and look better cared for than even non-orphans.Two beautiful buses are dedicated to convey the children to and fro everyday.

Dr Adegbite with the award he won in the US

Based in the United States of America where he is a medical practitioner, Dr Adegbite’s circle of kind interventions exceeds what is known to the public. He has been a source of succour to many. It is laudable that his kind gestures are being recognized in recent times with the conferment of various merit awards. In the last three weeks or so I am aware of quite a number of awards he has received both at home and abroad indicating his consistency. Among the awards I have been able to track are Best Philanthropy Award of the Year 2023 awarded by Old School Night 5.0 Dallas, Texas; Distinguished Service Award by Ogbomoso Valiant Club; Peak Performer Award by Twalad Media Concept; and Great Philanthropist Award by Mega Wave Communication.

Also, he was among the eminent personalities who visited the venue of the recent Chef Tope Maggie’s Guinness World Records cook-a-thon attempt in Ogbomoso represented by his intimate friend, Olalere Seun. He not only boosted the morale of the record seeker, his representative Seun Olalere also announced handsome donation along with one of his US-based friends, Yinka Rymths, to support the effort. He is that kind of person.

On a final note, I hope his humanitarian disposition will be emulated by others so that some kind of equilibrium can be found in human existence and by that pain, agony, poverty and misery can be reduced in the society. God has made some to be rich and the purpose of the Almighty is that such privileged persons will assist the less-privileged.


My sincere wish for him is that he will continue to flourish and make impact. He is a humanitarian per excellence and I pray God will uphold him.


Adedosu sends this piece from Ogbomoso via 08144667811

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