Little more circumspection wld’ve saved Soun these odious insults – King Charles III also anointed 

Little more circumspection wld’ve saved Soun these odious insults – King Charles III also anointed 



The coronation activities of Soun of Ogbomoso Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege the Third have come and gone. The six-day packed event ranging from a N150m empowerment programme, three-pronged religious worships – in Islamic, traditional and Christian ways, golfing, praise concert and presentation of staff, will linger in memory.


Nonetheless, the interdenominational thanksgiving service held at the Beulah Baptist Centre Ogbomoso on Sunday, December 17, has sparked widespread controversy eliciting condemnations and commendations.


The particular aspect that has generated storm is the part at which Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, who delivered the sermon, summoned Oba Ghandi Olaoye to step forward and kneel before the “King of kings” to be anointed with holy oil. Oba Olaoye hearkened to the instruction and knelt in the full glare of the congregation nay the world for his crowned-head to be gripped by the revered Adeboye.


The picture of which went viral has been one of the issues in the last four days setting the social media on fire with varying opinions. To some, the act is a sacrilege and further proof of the erosion of Yoruba tradition of kingship which borders on sacredness of respect and deference. It is abhorrent a traditional ruler of such status will act in such demeaning way in public, it is argued. But the other school absolved the dramatis persona asserting replicas of such abound in the Bible and that Adeboye only followed a Biblical precept.


Recalling however, similar chapter unfolded during the coronation of King Charles III in May this year, the only variation being that the British monarch was shielded from public glare at that moment.


“In one part of the service, the King was screened from public for the anointing – seen as the most sacred part of proceedings,” says a report of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).


“This was where the King was anointed with holy oils by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The need for privacy, the Palace said, was because it ‘has historically been regarded as a moment between the Sovereign and God.’


“While waiting for the anointed King to reappear, choristers sang Handel’s Zadok the Priest – performed at every coronation since 1727.’


What could have happened beyond the screen no one has inkling except the few who witnessed it. But it is probably the same act of kneeling for anointing as it is clergyman, the Archbishop of Canterbury, performed the “ritual.” Aside averting unnecessary antagonisms the screening also weaved some kind of mystery into the process. That is circumspection! That is where they are different from us.

Soldier holding up the screens while the King is anointed with holy oil

They accord detailed considerations to every event taking into view the likely consequences but here we are sloppy, we take things for granted, and are often concerned by the present and consumed by its glamour, making us neglect vital aspects of planning.


Had the minders of Kabiyesi and organizers of the event been prudent both the monarch and the revered cleric would have been saved the awful insults!


Nigerians are irritable and highly combustible due to the crunch hardships they face and so, are eager, crouching like hungry lions, to jump at any act perceived as gaffes by the powerful. What Christian no matter how highly placed would rebuff such summon to “kneel before the King of kings!” It cannot be contemplated that Oba Ghandi would refuse in such circumstances when the motive is to reverence the “King of kings,” not Pastor Adeboye, who obviously had no ulterior rationale. Moreover, this is someone he regards as spiritual father, the head of the church he was pastor himself before assuming the throne. Definitely, the offer to offer himself before the superior King and Lord for consecration is not over the board of veneration. But screening that aspect would have given no room for such disparaging and distracting comments.


Nevertheless, we all share in the blame. We lost it the moment we were dispossessed of our sovereignty in the face of incursion by the British imperialists. Our tradition we so much cherish is a casualty under the new regime of withered monarchy. We are now set in between our tradition and foreign ways of life. That is a facet requiring critical addressing. We are due for new set of rules and norms. Where do we stand? Where do we need to adapt and what do we adopt? We need to reassess and redefine our very existence and eliminate these clashes of beliefs ripping up our essence.


The following episode which was also enacted during the same service underscores this. A childhood friend of the monarch speaking repeatedly during the service referred to the Kabiyesi in the first name bereft of courtesy his new status demands. This inevitably provoked a spontaneous protest from the congregation which started as a grumble forcing the man to begin to employ the niceties required. Why didn’t the huge congregation protest the kneeling of their monarch?


Thank God Oba Ghandi is not the loquacious type, he takes no heed of the darts of opprobrium targeting him and Baba Adeboye, he said for the umpteenth time during Tuesday’s event that he is only preoccupied by one goal – changing the narrative of his domain for the better and so such distracting and enervating debates holds no interest to him or makes him agitated. No attempt to project any defence either by him personally or by his image minders has been made. Let the “wise” analyze the perceived flaws and suit themselves overlooking the many other impressive aspects of the six-day programme. He forges ahead unperturbed.


Besides, this is a society deeply suffused with illimitable hypocrisy; many crying wolf commit igreater profanation against our culture but are quick to point accusing fingers at any resemblance of such.


Nonetheless, whatever happens, life must continue.

One thought on “Little more circumspection wld’ve saved Soun these odious insults – King Charles III also anointed 

  1. Kneel before King of Kings should not raise any dust, some are hypocrites, Kabiyesi understand His God and gives Him due respect.
    Let the wailers wait for their turn to become king, then they can do whatever they think is right.
    Nobody should because of his or her interior motive and arrogance raise any dust.
    We need to pray for the success of our beloved Kabiyesi, His success is our gain.

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