Genesis Medical Diagnostics Centre mgt thumbs up Tope Maggie – 5hrs to hit target

Image caption: Chef Tope today

Genesis Medical Diagnostics Centre mgt thumbs up Tope Maggie –  5hrs to hit target
Jeremiah OYELEKE

The management and staff of Genesis Medical Diagnostics Centre, beside Alapo Evergreen Hotel, Agbonin, Ogbomoso, Oyo state, have joined thousands of others cheering for Tope Adebayo popularly known as Chef Tope Maggie, who is less than 6 hours away from nicking his target of cooking for 200 hours.

Prince Lekan Olawuyi (second right), Mr. Sunday Ayinla (left) and staff of Genesis Medical Diagnostics Centre

QChef Maggie launched his quest Thursday November 9 and has gone well past the current Guinness World Record (GWR) holder in cooking marathon, Chef Alan Fisher, who cooked for 119 hours 57 minutes recently in Japan.

Chef Maggie’s fans are eagerly waiting for his declaration as the new GWR holder in the category.


Prince Lekan Olawuyi, who led the team of management and staff of Genesis Medical Diagnostics Centre to the Ogbomoso Recreation Centre venue of the cook-a-thon lauded Chef Tope for his quest saying it is as interesting as inspiring.

Prince Olawuyi, a retired principal and who is father of the CEO of the medical centre, said Tope has uplifted the name and glory of Ogbomoso while wishing him success in the endeavour.


“The purpose of our coming is to show solidarity to him being an Ogbomoso indigene, more importantly, he is propagating the name Ogbomoso city for her to be known worldwide. In fact, it is a very interesting thing. We have come to appreciate him. His effort his heart thumping, it is thumb up for him. I am inspired by his quest because he is uplifting the glory of Ogbomoso” Prince Olawuyi stated, while advising youths to “emulate him and seek to do something great for Ogbomoso, Oyo state and Nigeria too.”

The prince of Oguro also advised the rich in the society “to support youths making immense efforts to do something great. It is God that lifts up, I call on the rich to rally to support such a guy like Tope, people making great efforts who are contributing to the glory of their domain. He is projecting Ogbomoso throughout the world. People that matter have been coming to show solidarity, I wish him well.”

Olawuyi and Ayinla

When asked if similar or greater things can be expected from Ogbomoso, he enthused, “We should expect greater things from ogbomoso. Ogbomoso is the land of the valiant, the birth place of Akintola, of Akala, so, I am not surprised to have people like Tope emerged again to propagate the name Ogbomoso worldwide.”

Prince Olawuyi who disclosed the medical lab conducts all manners of diagnostic tests including scan, (about to start) radiography, comprehensive ESG and EEG, medical investigations, blood banking, DNA/paternity test, wellness check, medical outreach, medical and scientific project research, supply of medical equipment and have facilities for researches, urged youths to be borne by heroic deeds so they can lift the name of the city.

“Youths should come on board, they should come into their own, they should not wait, however little they can, they should contribute to the development of the city. We are bound to be heroes in Ogbomoso, the youths should come around to lift up Ogbomoso,” informing Genesis Diagnostics Centre works 24 hours a day – 3 shifts – morning, afternoon and evening.


Mr. Sunday Olatunbosun Ayinla is also happy about the feat of Chef Tope describing him as the “Chief Chef of the World.”

Ayinla, also a retired principal, said, “Tope Maggie is an extraordinary personality. We are indeed proud of him for the feat he has attained so far. Tope has done us proud. He has become the Chief Chef worldwide, remarkable, we are proud of him. Actually, we are praying for him. You can see many people trooping in here. Ogbomoso is a city of valiant. And he is living the cognomen, I pray he will achieve the goal eventually.”

Ayinla urged youths to be committed, determined and have focus, emphasizing, “If Tope is not determined, he will remain a local champion. But determination leads to success, be unwavering in whatever you want to do, be resolute and pursue it with all your mind.”

He added, “Even the Bible advises us that whatever we want to do we should do it with all our mind, with all our efforts, it is by so doing that the lord will crown us with success. Heaven helps those who help themselves. They should not be lazy or idle. Go to the ant, you sluggard and learn its way and be wise, so says the scripture. They should jettison laziness and embrace hardwork.

“They should forget anything like yahoo, any criminality should be jettisoned, they should shun it outright and do things with their heart. And with this they will attain the peak. It is enough of marauders, it is enough of thuggery, laid-about in our streets at different junctions. They should embrace hardwork, they should help themselves.”

Commenting on his assessment of Chef Tope as he lives his dream Ayinla stressed the chef is determined to clinch his goal. “He remains enthusiastic, you can see him beaming with smile despite going that long.”

He noted cooking that long is not easy at all, “It is not an easy thing, not at all, remaining standing, working in the ambience of gas cooker, the heat, it is not an easy thing. But God will help him to make it.”

Elder Ayinla now offered advice to the chef on way forward. “He has become an international personality, he should never forget his country home. He shouldn’t forget his nativity. Of course, he should remember and have his company sited in Ogbomoso so that his name will remain evergreen in the lives of all and sundry and he will become a living example for others.”

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