Ogbomoso chef Tope Maggie begins quest to break GWR in cook-a-thon, assures fans (See kick-off time)

Ogbomoso chef Tope Maggie begins quest to break GWR in cook-a-thon, assures fans (See kick-off time)


Ogbomoso-born chef Tope Maggie will today Thursday November 9 begin his audacious quest to break the Guinness World Record (GWR) for the longest cooking marathon.

Tope Maggie has set a 200 hours cook-a-thon target, that is at least 8 days, to be held at the Ogbomoso Recreation Club, opposite LAUTECH College of Health Sciences, Isale-General.

His cooking marathon is scheduled to commence 6pm.

Tope Maggie set himself the ambition after Hilda Effiong Bassey popularly known as Hilda Baci smashed the former GWR held by Lata Tondon, an Indian, last May, after she cooked for 100hours (4 days) non-stop, though 7 hours later got deducted as penalty for mistakenly taking an extra minutes for one of her rest breaks early on in the attempt.


She prepared over 100 pots of food during the contest, mostly derived from Nigerian cuisines.

The Tondon record of 87 hours 45 minutes had stood for 4 years.

However, the stake has been upped as an Irish chef Alan Fisher few days ago sensationally smashed the Hilda Baci’s GWR when he cooked for 119 hours 57 minutes, which is more than 24 hours longer than the previous record held by Hilda Baci.

Fisher is an owner and chef of a restaurant in Japan.

Tope Maggie also owns and has run restaurants in Ogbomoso for years.

Chef Tope Maggie

The venue is expected to be thronged by many supporters to cheer him on towards realizing the ambition.

Meanwhile he has assured his fans that the goal is achievable.

In a voice note obtained Wednesday evening by ogbomosoinsightonline.com Tope said he was all set and in high spirit for the contest calling for prayers and support.


“Good evening everyone and thank you for the support and everything you have been doing for me,” he was heard saying.

“As you know we are going to start the cook-a-thon tomorrow (today) and we are going for at least 200hours, that is about 8days, non-stop.

“l need you guys to at least pray for me and l want you to be calm and have trust in me and in God. It is going to be successful. I need your prayer and to watch me wherever you are. God will bless you.”

Hilda Baci and Alan Fisher (new record holder, who dethroned Baci(

The chef however according to one of his team members, Seun Ogunbiyi, craves the support of Nigerians in terms of foodstuffs and financial support, saying, “We still have a very long way to go in terms of those. But there is no cause for alarm he assures he will not disappoint.”

The Guinness Book of Records, often known as the Guinness World Records, is a reference book that contains human and natural world records. First published in 1955 by the Guinness Brewery in Ireland, it has exploded in popularity and includes a wide range of different records, such as the world’s smallest and largest, quickest and slowest, as well as the most weird and unusual accomplishments.

Individuals or groups must submit proof to the Guinness World Records team and go through a verification process to qualify for a world record listing. When a record is validated, it is put into the book and becomes an official world record.

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