Subjects, chiefs happy no rival Onisapa emerges, charge new Oba to better predecessor’s achievements (PHOTOS)

Subjects, chiefs happy no rival Onisapa emerges, charge new Oba to surpass predecessor’s achievements

Jeremiah OYELEKE

Family members and chiefs of the new Onisapa of Isapa, Ogbomoso, His Royal Majesty Oba Ezekiel Mayowa Bolarinwa Olajide I, has expressed immense joy that the installation ceremony of Onisapa was not duplicated or held in other places in protest, a feat they attributed to the immediate past Onisapa, Oba Buraimoh Adewuni Amodu Akinsowon III, who reigned between 1989 and 2021, while charging him to endeavour to surpass the accomplishments of his predecessor. reported that a new Onisapa of Isapa was installed in the early hours of Tuesday, November 7, by the Isapa kingmakers led by the Areago of Isapa, Chief Akintoye Abdusalam Ola, at the Isapa royal compound. This was sequel to his approval by the Oyo state government.

The ceremony witnessed the traditional bestowal of Akoko leaves on the new king and other rites as well as prayers and praises just as pieces of advice were offered by various speakers both during the process of installation and in separate chats with Ogbomoso Insight.

From right: the Areago, Balogun and Chief Akinola Adigun


The Areago, Chief Akintoye Abdusalam Ola, in his speech, said, “May our new king live and reign for long. I pray Isapa land will witness growth during his reign. As the last Onisapa endeavoured to uplift Isapa royal family, I beseech the new Onisapa to make this his focus too.”

He continued, “Do not be driven by excessive love for money, eschew arrogance.The past Onisapa exceedingly tried his best which brought a lot of benefit to us, part of which is the tranquility in the installation being witnessed today which went without rancour.TI urge you kabiyesi, strive to make greater achievements. Also, embrace your co-contestants, do not make them enemies. We want progress not disputations.”

Echoing similar sentiments, the Jagun Onisapa urged the new monarch to avoid fostering enmity with the people. “We support the Oba. And I call on our people to assist him in the task as he can’t do it alone so he can make achievements like his predecessor,” he added.


Chief Amuda Hamzat Babatunde, the Balogun Onisapa, in his own exhortation stated, “That is how God wants it, whoever is destined by God to assume a position will definitely do so. Like Areago said, I urge the new Oba to demonstrate love.Those of you that contested this position are more than eleven, but because you are destined for the stool you emerged the winner, so, we encourage you to extend olive branch to others.

Prince Raheem Amodu

“Also, I beseech others to cooperate with the new Oba, I believe you are all suitable and qualified but the stool is for only one person, I pray your reign will be synonymous with progress. I congratulate the immediate past Onisapa, Oba Amodu, his achievements facilitated today’s accomplishment. I also thank the Oyo state governor.Let me state this is the first time Onisapa will emerge through selection by our kingmakers, we thank Oba Buraimaoh Amodu for this great achievement, we are no more under any suzerain power, seeking anyone’s consent before choosing our Oba. Our new kabiyesi, we charge you to continue where he stopped, be committed to issues of Isapa. Co-contestants, I repeat, cooperate with the new Oba, accept what has happened in good faith.”

Revd Olaniran

The representative of Iyalode Onisapa prayed for a long life and God’s protection, enjoining kabiyesi to “eschew arrogance and seek wise counsels always. Do not be partial in your dealing with the people.”

Also, Alhaji Muhammed Taofeeq Awwal Bintinlaye, the Chief Imam of Isapa, noted, “I am very happy because it is what we have expected and waited for. May he live long.”

In a chat with Ogbomoso Insight, Prince Alhaji Raheem Amodu, in the same vein, urged Oba Olajide to embrace all in order to ease his success on the throne and to show love to everyone. “He should avoid anything that will drag Isapa backward no matter what. He should facilitate the completion of our palace. We eagerly await his coronation,” Prince Amodu added.

The Areago, Chief Ola, speaking on the challenges faced in choosing the new monarch, informed about nine persons contested. “We screened the candidates, and we eventually chose him. The majority support him.”

He advised the new Oba to learn to sieve different pieces of advice before taking decisions while charging him to strive to surpass the accomplishments of late Oba Buraimoh Adewumi Amodu.

Asked to mention some of the achievements of late Oba Amodu, the Areago stated the former king worked assiduously to upgrade the Onisapa chieftaincy to Obaship status, started the construction of the Isapa palace and ensured the gazette for our chieftaincy which paved the way for the kingmakers to conduct the selection and the installation with ease.

Also, Chief Amuda in a chat added, “God installs him at the appropriate time. He is the first from his lineage; there are four lineages in the Oniseokun ruling house, however no Onisapa has come from his lineage whereas other three lineages have produced.He should embrace all and be fair, and not lead with prejudice. He should further uplift the chieftaincy, his immediate predecessor really tried. As an instance, what we are witnessing today if not for Oba Amodu’s efforts there could have been crisis and perhaps others might have been carrying out their own installations as we speak but because of the gazette and other things he did there is no disputation.”

Rev’d Hezekiah Oladotun Olaniran, pastor, Gaa-Lagbedu Baptist Church, Ogbomoso, observed, “I could see God took control of the process because everyone in the family supports his enthronement, it is evident there is unity and cooperation in the family. My advice is based on 1 Samuel 19:1, which has it that God directed Samuel to go to Jesse house that he has found someone there, the new king should know that it is God that chose him, among many aspirants.

“He should recognize this grace granted him by God. He should not forget this grace, he is being sent by God. He should not forget God that put him there, he should abide by His wishes, then he should not forget the family, and his co-contestants.He should foster unity.”

Olajide Josiah Oluwumi, a brother of the new Oba, described him as “humble, bereft of ego, living a life worthy of emulation. He respects everyone. He never thought he will become Onisapa but when God chooses someone, there is nothing he can do.”

Among the guests at the occasion was Hon Olamiju Alao-Akala (representing Ogbomoso North/Ogbomoso South/Oriire federal constituency), represented by Hon Adeleke Isaac Olutayo. He congratulated the new Onisapa submitting, “We are happy, a new story has begun in Isapa.”

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