SHOCKING: Coconut tree catches fire during rainfall at Alajiki area, Ogbomoso (VIDEO)

SHOCKING: Coconut tree catches fire during rainfall at Alajiki area, Ogbomoso (VIDEO)

Jeremiah OYELEKE

Mouth were agape Tuesday evening at Odebisi street, Papa Alajiki area, Ogbomoso, Oyo state, as a coconut tree suddenly caught fire during a short rainfall.

The wonder was believably ignited by lightning and thunder which burst through the sky during the drizzle.


An eyewitness, who however did not want to be named told that the sky suddenly turned cloudy with expectation of rain, and with thunderclap and lightning piercing the environment “then we saw the coconut tree beside a house going up in flame.”

“We all gathered to behold the spectacle as we were surprised but shortly after the fire got extinguished on its own,” the eyewitness added.

But a Sango (deity of thunder) priest at the scene of the incident, Sangowusi Amusan, said it was not strange to witness such a phenomenon explaining it is often caused by thunder striking an object or body.

Video of the burning coconut tree – watch below:


Sangowusi stressed such occurs if the body in question has become possessed or “if there is a lizard on a tree with its limbs raised and mocking the rainfall in a manner such as ‘so, this is all the rain you can pour down, that can’t fill up my palm,’ in such circumstances, thunder will in fury strike and kill such a tree.”


He added, “another reason a phenomenon like that could happen is if the thunderbolt (edun ara) is deployed to harm someone but the person isn’t at home at the time, so, it will leave a telltale sign in that version.”

He further informed that “in the coconut tree now is buried the thunderbolt,” which he said is a call for concern “as it can spark calamity for its owner.”

“Moreover, the tree cannot be cut or used for cooking unless the thunderbolt is retrieved,” while advising that the thunderbolt be removed “or else there will be a repeat strike.”

Asked how the thunderbolt can be retrieved he disclosed it is the duty of Sango worshipers, “We will help in removing it if the required sacrifices are performed.”

He said incidents like this is why it is imperative one should be careful during rainfall counseling that while walking under the rain one should walk zigzag because “no one knows the path through which the thunderbolt will take; it is also inadvisable that one finds refuge under a tree, because the tree might be possessed.”
He informed last week two coconut trees were struck dead by thunder in similar manner at Caretaker area and that he was the one who helped to retrieve the thunderbolt, lodged in a nearby wall.


Meanwhile, it is said there is only one resident in the house the coconut tree is growing and as at the time it occurred he wasn’t at home.

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