LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NECO, pay our marking dues

NECO, pay our marking dues




The 2023 NECO examination had been conducted, marked and the results released to students to use for admissions into higher institutions of learning. Admitted, the establishment of NECO as an examination body in Nigeria, apart from breaking the monopoly of WAEC, has many other benefits, however, it is beset by some logistic problems it has to overcome or address. Among these is late payment of examiners or markers’ dues. Evidently, this year, 2023, some markers have not been paid while those who were paid got it lately. WAEC paid markers instantly even before the results were released. The discriminate payment should stop as it is observed that markers with UBA and First Bank are those that have not been paid, which I am a victim. This is not to apportion blame, rather it’s to appeal to the management of NECO to address this particular problem and pay those of us left unpaid.

Good bless the management of NECO.

Adewuyi sends this letter via 08130851574.

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