Father, son die in vehicle/okada accident, mother hospitalized

Ogbomoso: Father, son die in vehicle/okada accident, wife hospitalized




Tragically, a father and his only child lost their lives in a fatal accident that happened Monday morning at High Court area, Oke Ado, Ogbomoso, Oyo state.


According to eyewitnesses, the family of three – the deceased husband, the son and the mother were riding on the motorcycle, operated by the goat seller father.


The son was being conveyed to her school and the mother to her shop – when suddenly a parked vehicle’s door was flipped open which the rammed into, flinging them violently into the road to be crushed by an oncoming vehicle.


“The father and the child lost their lives before reaching the hospital,” an eyewitness informed ogbomosoinsightonline.com.


The mother was still hospitalized as at the time of filing this report and being Muslims, the husband and son were buried same day without her knowing they were dead.


Meanwhile, people have observed a lot of accidents have occured at that particular spot prompting the question as to what the problem is.


As at Wednesday morning however, ogbomosoinsightonline.com observed speed breakers are already being constructed on the road.


Note: The story has been corrected after discovery it was a son and not daughter that died in the accident

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