Tulcan Energy wins African Brands Award

Image caption: Dr Tayo Adiatu, CEO Tulcan Energy

Tulcan Energy wins African Brands Award



Tulcan Energy Resources Limited has emerged the winner of the African Brands Leadership Merit Awards as Africa’s Best in Class Oil & Gas Company of the Year 2023.


The African Brand Leadership Merit Awards is an initiative of the African Brand Congress (ABC). The congress is designed to educate, engage and inspire brand managers and professionals in the pursuit of best practice in brand building and value creation.


The African Brands Congress, an annual fiesta of organisations behind the most successful and sought-after African brands, celebrates leadership, innovation and creativity, acknowledges the outstanding impact of various corporate organizations from different industries through a research report by a technical committee.


The award ceremony held on September 15 at The Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, drew industry leaders, dignitaries, and technology professionals from across the African continent.


According to the organizers of the event, “Tulcan Energy was chosen as winner in the category because of its value creation and brand building efforts and growth in 2023.’


The CEO of Tulcan Energy, Dr Tayo Adeyemi Adiatu, reacting to the development said, “The award is a recognition of the efforts of the company to continually create value and prioritize service over profit. We create clear and compelling vision towards recognizing and meeting the needs of people, businesses, and governments. This is essentially the core of who we are and what we do.


“Companies who genuinely pursue service always end up profitable. The intentional and relentless pursuit of meeting needs is the fuel behind all that we do as a people and as a company.”


Tulcan Energy Resources Limited is an independent oil and gas company operating in the downstream, midstream and upstream sectors of the energy industry.


In the downstream sector, the company sources, imports, trades and distributes petroleum products. Its core competence in the midstream sector is in marine and logistics. In the upstream sector, it engages in procurement, engineering, construction and management services.


With a positive track record of consistently delivering on projects and products according to required specifications and standard, Tulcan Energy is a key player in the energy sector of the Nigerian Petroleum Industry.


It has a robust technical, operational and logistic strength and capacity to run efficient processes through the entire supply chain and has and maintains a good relationship with refineries, primary trading companies, vessel companies, depots as well as several local and international banks.

Tulcan Energy has a presence in the United Kingdom and the United Republic of Tanzania through the Tulcan Energy Resources UK Limited and Tulcan Energy Resources (T) Limited respectively.

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