JUST IN: Family of 7 dies after amala meal in Ikoyi Ogbomoso

JUST IN: Family of 7 dies after amala meal in Ikoyi Ogbomoso

Jeremiah OYELEKE

Tragedy struck in Ikoyi headquarters of Oriire local government area of Ogbomoso zone in Oyo state last week as a family of seven reportedly passed away after a meal of amala (yam flour paste).

According to information the deceased included the father, mother and their five children among whom were a set of twins.

The mother was said to have prepared the meal after which members of the family who all took part in the eating started to feel discomfiture leading to the death of three at the instant.


Others were rushed to a teaching hospital but they could not be restored as they all died one after the other with the last two said to have given up the ghost yesterday Wednesday.

“It is tragic, the last two died yesterday,” an eyewitness who however withheld his name told ogbomosoinsightonline.com.

Meanwhile a resident of Ikoyi who spoke with ogbomosoinsightonline.com averred that it could be a case of poisoning saying “after all, others have been eating amala since then and nothing happened.”

In the meantime, sources at the Area Command headquarters Owode Ogbomoso informed that the matter had not been officially reported.

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