Isese Day: We shouldn’t wait for Oyinbos to start teaching us our language – Oyo Majority Leader 

We shouldn’t wait for Oyinbos to start teaching us our language – Oyo Majority Leader on why he moved Isese Day motion


Wednesday was a historic day in Oyo state of Nigeria as its House of Assembly passed the motion on setting aside August 20 every year as Isese Day to according the sponsors give the needed boost to Yoruba’s tradition, value, custom and culture.

The motion moved by the Majority Leader Hon Sanjo Adedoyin was co-sponsored by Hon. Gbenga Oyekola and Hon. Adebayo Gabriel Babajide representing Atiba and Ibadan North state constituencies respectively.

In a Facebook post Thursday Hon Adedoyin admirably called Sanjay explained the motion was sponsored in order to forestall a situation in which foreigners would be the ones to come and teach Yoruba children their tradition, language and so on in the future.

Noting that Yoruba tradition is going into extinct because of neglect he posited that declaring August 20 Isese Day would also give traditionalists a sense of belonging as well as be an avenue to promote tourism in the state.

He regretted that while nationals of countries like Brazil, Peru and Cuba continue to cherish and embrace Yoruba culture and moore the owners treat it with disdain averring that could be a source of regret if the trend is not halted.


“Yesterday 9th of August,2023, I moved a motion on the floor of Oyo State House of Assembly urging the executive to set aside every 20th of August as” ISESE DAY ‘ in our dear Oyo State to give room for showcasing our much cherished value, custom, culture and tradition which is fast becoming moribund.

“Having a day set aside as” ISESE DAY ‘ will equally give our people who are traditionalists a sense of belonging, joy and satisfaction. While Yoruba culture and values will be promoted to outside world and this in turn will attract tourists and other fun seekers to our dear state.

“It’s very saddening that some of our offspring don’t know anything about our culture, custom, tradition, language, religion, food, songs, drums yet all these are being promoted and taught in their institutions of higher learning in places like Brazil, Cuba, Peru and these Akatas are identifying with these our values and culture with pride and dignity. We  must not wait until these Oyinbos start teaching us our language, culture, customs and values before we do something urgent to arrest the negative trend.”

He consequently expressed satisfaction over the development, saying, “After extensive deliberation the motion was unanimously passed.”

The motion he added “was co-sponsored by my dear egbon and the Chief Whip of 10th Oyo State House of Assembly,Hon. Gbenga Oyekola representing Atiba State Constituency and my dear aburo, Hon. Adebayo Gabriel Babajide representing Ibadan North 2.”

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