Oyo Majority Leader, Adedoyin, charged to surpass self as he celebrates victory (see PHOTOS)

Oyo Majority Leader, Adedoyin, charged to surpass self as he celebrates victory (see PHOTOS)


The Majority Leader Oyo State House of Assembly Hon Sanjo Onaolapo Adedoyin, has been charged to exceed the performance he recorded during his first term.

Sanjay with his wife

This came Sunday (June 18) during a thanksgiving service he held at Oja Oba Baptist Church, Ogbomoso, Oyo state.

Speaking at the thanksgiving service minister-in-charge of the church, Rev’d John Fatunbi, urged the lawmaker to ensure people and groups who contributed towards his victory are rewarded adequately.

Picking his text from 1 Corinthians 15:9-10, the cleric underlined that the lawmaker fondly called Sanjay had gotten to the position by grace and not that he is better than others.

Rev’d Fatunbi therefore urged him to fulfill the purpose for which he is elevated.

From left: Onimolete  Onilagbedu and others 

“It is grace you have received not that you are better or by your strength or power, and not that you are rich. It is grace you have received from God.”

Continuing, the pastor noted, “Every soul here, whatever you are, whatever you achieve or will achieve, it is grace. Hence, honourable, l am challenging you this morning, be reminded constantly that it is grace you received to get to the position.”


Emphasizing on the need to be wary of misusing the grace bestowed on him he submitted, “When God gives grace, God does not expect you to misuse the grace.

“As God gives you another opportunity for four years in the House of Assembly, do not misuse the grace, use it well. I implore you not to misuse it because grace opens door for more grace.”

Sanjay with Hon Jacob Adejumo Ajao

Asserting though Apostle Paul was the littlest of the apostles, he became the greatest because of the work he did, he then charged the celebrant, “God has put you there for a purpose. Know that every position is transient, so, as Paul did not misuse the grace given to him, you also endeavour not to misuse the grace given to you.

“You are there to represent Ogbomoso South state constituency, l encourage you to offer good representation so that when you end this season people will say let us give Hon Sanjo Adedoyin another chance at a bigger level.”

Fatunbi further enjoined him to be a good representative of the church and of Christianity, “represent this church well, represent Christ well,” he said.

Hon Taiwo Alagbe with his wife

The man of God now stressed he needed to reward those who contributed to his victory, “If one has a grace, it is expected his people benefit from the grace, do not forget all those who worked with/for you during campaign, do not forget all those who laboured with you.”

Hon Temi Adibi (left)

Borrowing from a street lingo, the pastor said, “O ti d’obe o (you will now have pecuniary gains streaming to you), do not forget the church that prayed for you o, o ti d’obe, do not forget the community that trooped out to vote you, o ti d’obe o. Do not lick it alone o, let it spread to all. It shall be well with us. Do what will make people say during the time of Hon Onaolapo Adedoyin this is what he did in Ogbomoso South.”

Olu of Obada

The cleric subsequently appealed to him; the council chairman, Timothy Oyedokun and the Chief of Staff to Oyo state governor, Segun Ogunwuyi, to facilitate jobs for the people of the council area, “We are thirsty for employment in Ogbomoso South, use your positions to facilitate employments, a rise l’arika…(what we did is what will be counted…).

Prof Kalilu (right), Dr Kayode Ogunleye (third right)

Expressing gratitude, Adedoyin said he was overwhelmed with joy on account of the “mercy l received from God.”

He went on to express appreciation to Onpetu of Ijeru, Oba Sunday Oladapo Oyediran, whom he noted was “embarrassed, abused and insulted for supporting me.”

From left: Tegbe, Adedoyin and Akinwale

He also thanked the Chief of Staff, Ogunwuyi; Olu of Obada, Oladosu Oyekunle Amodu Adedoyin; Onilagbedu of Olagbedu; Onimolete of Molete; Prince Felix Akande, a former chairman of Ogbomoso South local government and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign director general; Apostle Moses Olamoyegun, PDP chairman in the council area; Mr. Michael Oguntoye, a former chairman of the party; Hon Afolabi Olusola a.k.a. Afoo, a former aspirant to the House of Assembly among others.

Felix Akande (left)

Speaking on his achievements, Sanjay said it was unveiled during the ninth assembly valedictory programme that he moved the highest number of motions which he noted was a confirmation of his efficiency and effectiveness.

He added, “One of my motions was the one that led to the reinstatement of dismissed LAUTECH Teaching Hospital staff during Ajimobi tenure, over 200 of them, they had been dismissed four or five years earlier and to God be the glory we were able to get them reinstated.”

Hon Emmanuel Oladejo (left)

He informed that he also helped a lot of people secure employments “including not less than fifteen members of this church through the interaction between me and the reverend. By the special grace of God we will do more. I will ensure everyone gets rewarded one way or the other, all those who contributed.”

The “Action Lawmaker” also recalled how about three years ago at the peak of the ownership crisis of LAUTECH between Oyo and Osun states he used the instrumentality of the House of Assembly to stop diversion of an intervention fund from TETFUND amounting to N3b.

“About two or three years ago when the ownership crisis of LAUTECH, Ogbomoso, was at its peak, between Oyo and Osun states, there was an intervention fund from the federal government (TETFUND), around N3b.

“The management then, led by an indigene of Osun state (name withheld), was trying to either divide the money or divert the entire money to Osun state. So, our people (names withheld) at LAUTECH called my attention to it, ‘Honourable, there is N3b on ground they are trying to divert it to Osun.

“I had to use the instrument of the House of Assembly to stop the diversion by asking the whole management of LAUTECH to report to the House of Assembly.

“We gave order that no money must be spent until the final resolution of the ownership crisis and to God be the glory the entire money was spent in Oyo state,” he revealed.

After the church service guests were hosted to a sumptuous party at the playground of Government Technical College Ogbomoso.

Among the guests at the occasion were Professor Razaq Olatunde ROM Kalilu and Dr. Kayode Ogunleye, LAUTECH Acting Vice Chancellor and Registrar respectively; Mr. Joseph Tegbe, PDP candidate for Oyo south senatorial district in the last general elections; and Chief Akinwole Akinwale a.k.a. Wolekanle, PDP candidate in Oyo North senatorial district.

Some others are Hon Temilola Adibi, a former chairman of Ogbomoso North local government; Hon Jacob Adejumo Ajao, immediate past legislator, Ogbomoso federal constituency; and Hon Taiwo Alagbe, a former chairman of Ogbomoso and local government.

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