Pastor Henry Newman (PHN) celebrates a precious brother Dr Olayiwola on his Golden Jubilee

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Pastor Henry Newman (PHN) celebrates a precious brother Dr Olayiwola on his Golden Jubilee




Pastor Henry Newnan a.k.a. PHN sends this piece to commemorate the 50th birthday anniversary of his dear friend, Dr. Oladapo Ademola Olayiwola.


Today, February 18, marks the 50th birthday of a brother and friend, one l chose to describe as very precious.


Oladapo Ademola Olayiwola, a Canada based medical practitioner, has every cause to celebrate this golden milestone. Though across the seas he has crashed the distance to his home country by his constant incursion into the eleemosynary terrain. His mind and soul never forgets home as he regularly builds up the people at home, put smiles on those who are within his circle of acquaintances through various assistance he renders.


For those of us who know him he is a treasure. He is a treasure of assistance and hope. He gives hope and encouragement by not forgetting the people he once cavorted.


Dr. Olayiwola”s 50 years on earth have been eventful and fruitful. It has been impactful and are ones that have poured water in the desert that is the life of many, shone sunrays in the shady spots of many’s gardens, and beamed light in dark alljeys several people are trapped in.


That is why and for many other reasons I am celebrating him on his day. Despite his successes, he is cool-headed, unassuming and always reaching out to everyone. He likes to do things behind the scene and that is why no one can know the extent of his contributions. But from the little l know he is a man imbued with a large and generous heart. I can say this because l am aware many have benefited immensely from his kind gestures. l have known him intimately since our days at the Federal Government College Ogbomoso. He relates well with his former school mates especially those less fortunate. He never likes snippet of his humanitarian gestures to get out of the cocoon of secrecy but l am compelled to mention this in this tribute.


He is a loyal friend and brother, loving, enthusiastic, and never lost his humanity in thve corridor of accomplishments. He doesn’t break the cord of relationship binding him to his roots. He deserves to be honoured on an auspicious occasion as this for the lives he touches. Were he to be in Nigeria perhaps we would have held a surprise birthday bash for him. He would have been physically celebrated. He is worth it, more than worth it.


It is my sincere and earnest prayer that my dear Dr Olayiwola will continue to enjoy God’s grace, favour, love, mercy and every positive thing. As he brings succour to the people he will not be extricated from the line of God’s recipients of His blessings. Succour of God will overshadow his life.


I rejoice with you my amiable Dr on this occasion. Long may you live, in health, greater prosperity, peace and joy. I can’t wish you less. You are a gentleman who loves and looks after the people and so you are bound to be an apple of God’s eye too. I celebrate your wife and children as well.


Enjoy your day. Cheers! Pop the champagne! Clink the glasses. It is your day.


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