LAUTECH Ogbomoso Agric Students to Makinde: We trust you won’t move us from our comfort zone

LAUTECH Agric Students to Makinde: We trust you won’t move us from our comfort zone


In private and group discussions we students of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) Ogbomoso, have been expressing optimism that the Visitor to the University, Governor Seyi Makinde, will not relocate the Agricultural Sciences students from their comfort zone. That Governor Seyi Makinde is the Father of all the students of the University is not in contention, this role he has assumed and been playing since 2019 making students on different occasions to appeal to him on issues and policies of the University they deemed inimical to their welfare and he has always been listening. Such included “No tuition No examination,” policy, “Reduction in tuition fees” and so on all which he magnanimously like a true father favoured students with. We believe this life threatening policy of relocating agricultural sciences students from their comfort zone to another zone he will also reconsider.

Gov Makinde

Students of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomoso voted massively for Governor Seyi Makinde in the last election which contributed to his unprecedented triumph. This landslide victory of our father was as a result of his many friendly policies in the state. And our hope is that we will continue to reap dividends of democracy in LAUTECH Ogbomoso.

As students of the university we were admitted to study in LAUTECH Ogbomoso and were given admission letters as legal instrument by both JAMB and the authority of LAUTECH. It is thus illegal and unfair that one professor being blindfolded by selfish interest is championing relocation of students to Iseyin, while he is protecting his own daughter who is in the Department of Medicine; but he wants to expose us to danger in an alien environment. “Dog knows how to breastfeed its own puppy but strangulates that of grass cutter.” All of us have settled down for our academic pursuit in LAUTECH, Ogbomoso, paid for accommodation of 5years and praying for uninterrupted academic activities so we can graduate in record time. This move being toyed with will thus cause a huge disruption to our plans and lives and push us needlessly out of our comfort zone.

Another structure at the faculty of agric Ogbomoso that will be abandoned

We are not myopic but the planned relocation will inflict us with adverse effects. It will bring extra costs on us and our particularly our parents, which is undesirable at a time like this in view of the economic situation in the country; the ensuing change of environment will be detrimental to many of us; what about the psychological trauma; and with the recent spike in cases of kidnapping and murder in the area being proposed for us, no student is willing to go there and l can tell you Your Excellency, no parent is ready to support the move – n ti a maa da ni a nwa Oluwa o ni je ki a pade ohun ti o dawa si koto (we are only seeking what will make us useful persons tomorrow may the lord not make us come across what will push us into the grave).

Students protesting the relocation in June

Many would prefer to leave the university if we are forcefully taken to Iseyin. That l can tell you, Your Excellency. It is detestable breach of agreement. We were admitted to LAUTECH Ogbomoso and not LAUTECH Iseyin. If that is what is on the card from the beginning we would have decided whether to come or not but to force us now is, sorry to say, excessive use of power, a flagrant cheating against us, which is unfair. We will also become adults and look at this time with disgust.

Students holding a massive congress against the planned relocation in June

Meanwhile, we again appreciate our father Governor Seyi Makinde for all he has been doing for us in LAUTECH Ogbomoso and we want to continue to enjoy more dividends during his second term in office. The country at large will benefit from the spirit of good governance of Seyi Makinde at the right time by God’s grace. The administration of Governor Seyi Makinde is second to none in the history of Oyo state, so, sycophants should steer clear of him, we are sure that our amiable and discerning governor knows them. A new faculty should be established in Iseyin in the interest of peace, security and harmony. We beseech you to reconsider on this.

Governor Seyi Makinde ma ba se rere re lo!

Olushola is of the Department of Agricultural Economics, LAUTECH Ogbomoso

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