Making libraries our friend

Making libraries our friend
Let us cultivate good reading habit by visiting libraries. To fulfill the above at my own level I visited the Ogbomoso public library recently. Having written a few books l took copies along with me, English text books, which l donated to the centre.

Fatai Adewuyi (middle) presenting his books
We need to be reminded that being ignorant is not a thing of shame as being unwilling to learn. Evidently, a person that refuses to learn shall wallow in ignorance and suffers for it. While a person that is ready to learn shall be librated from ignorance and be better for it.

Therefore, I give kudos to the Oyo state government for establishing public libraries in major towns of the state, including Ogbomoso. The public is therefore advised to patronize libraries to get educated and enlightened about events, present and past.
On this note, l will like the present administration in the state to renovate these libraries by re-painting them and stocking them with books.

Equally, the staff should be motivated by being well paid.The government can even do more by making them e-libraries to be in line with the current computer age.
Finally, I encourage other writers to emulate my humble donations and present their works to libraries to help boost spread of knowledge.

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