TESCOM: Re-building process progresses at impressive pace

TESCOM: Re-building process progresses at impressive pace
The repair of the rotted building at the Oyo State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM), Ogbomoso Zonal Office, has continued at a stirring rate.


The project being internally funded under the headship of Mr. Olatunde Suulola, who is Tutor-General of the zone, is now nearing completion.
When ogbomosoinsightonline.com visited the place Tuesday morning, it was a beehive of activities as bricklayers and other artisans were occupied, tending to various aspects of the rebuilding project.

The bricklayers were busy with construction of drainage round the building, fixing the broken floors as well as the cracked walls and pillars.
Also, logging of the building has commenced, “the project is important to the Tutor-General,” one of the head workmen told ogbomosoinsihhtonline.com.
Continuing, the artisan said, “He is passionate about finishing the project.”
One of the staff in the office, who preferred anonymity also submitted that Suulola is working to leave a legacy of excellence.

“This is somebody who hails from Oyo, opposed by some people when he first assumed the headship of TESCOM, Ogbomoso Zonal Office.
“But today, he took it upon himself to renovate a building that had become dilapidated for long.”
He is also hailed by his subordinates for his efforts at revamping attitude of teachers to work.
Investigations revealed that the Tutor-General is infusing teachers under him with his passion and dedication, resulting in many stepping up in the discharge of their duties.
When contacted Suulola who declined to comment only hinted they had to do what they needed to do for improved performance in all ramifications.

It’s also understood that the building under repair would witness total refurbishment up to painting level.
It’s recalled that the project began after ogbomosoijsightonline.com reported the state of disrepair the building, one of the two belonging to the zonal office, had fallen into.

At the time, the roof was decayed, and heavily leaking, almost abandoned.
No help came from any quarters but the office looked inward to raise resources to execute the project.

So far, the damaged roof had been removed and replaced promptly.
“Commendable indeed,” a teacher noted.

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