Road rehabilitation: Ogbomoso North rolls out graders

Road rehabilitation: Ogbomoso North rolls out graders
As the dry season sets in Ogbomoso North local government is set to begin large scale rehabilitation of roads. Many intra-city roads are in a state of disrepair, which has become a source of worry to many residents.

Chairman, Ogbomoso North local government, Hon Kabir Ayoade learnt Tuesday that the council area has concluded plans to begin repairs of unpaved roads scheduled to commence this weekend.
A source at the council secretariat at Kinnira, informed that the refurbishment of the council’s motor grader has been undertaken in line with the directive of the chairman, Hon Akanji Kabir Ayoade, with the source adding that by Friday this week, the grader would hit the road.

The source said Hon Ayoade is worried about the conditions of the roads and had been itching for the dry season, so as to begin repairs.
“The chairman is worried about the poor state of the roads in the council area and so had waited patiently for the dry season to begin. Recently, he directed the repair of the council’s grader, which he committed a lot of resources to,” the source said.
“Thereafter he immediately directed that roads at Ogbomoso Girls High School-Yanyan axis be rehabilitated, which was promptly done. But it was discovered that the machined still needed some servicing, which is being undertaken and so this Friday I am sure large scale rehabilitation of roads would commence.”
It was further stated that certain roads would be completed with asphalt, bridges and culverts in conjunction with the Oyo state government. reported several times in the past that communities across the state were groaning under poor conditions of roads calling on governments at all tiers to see to constructions of roads in new communities springing up and to rehabilitation of old roads.
Provision of good roads is one of the amenities that can make a government warm itself into the hearts of the people and this becomes imperative as the nation goes into an election year, less than four months away.

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