First rain graces Ogbomoso in 2024

First rain graces Ogbomoso in 2024


Parts of Ogbomoso metropolis in Oyo state this evening witnessed the first rain in the year 2024, a development that sparked excitement among the residents.

Areas like Ogbegun and Ogbomoso High School can confirm witnessed the rain, starting at about eight minutes to six in the evening in Ogbegun area, stopping at about 6:20pm. “It was not a heavy downpour and was devoid of lightning and thunderstorm but it brought relief from the hot temperatures being experienced recently,” a resident, Kola Adekunle, told


Another resident, Adeleke Bayo, said, “It was not expected though we heard in Lagos and Ibadan downpour had been recorded but I did not expect this early in Ogbomoso, nonetheless, it is a relief, the heat in the last few days has been discomfiting. It started with harmattan then heat after the new year. Hope, this will not trigger greater heat or harmattan.”

Meanwhile, a farmer, Oguntola Sina, noted “it could be ojo gbaru, which sweeps off ashes from burnt bushes. “

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