New Soun: A new perspective 

New Soun: A new perspective


“If after seven months the government of the state did not come out to throw out the nomination by the afobajes (kingmakers) in respect of the new Soun, the simple inference is that it’s in support of the nomination, body, soul and mind.”

The above represents the analysis made by a concerned individual who however prefers to remain anonymous in view of the sensitivity of the matter.

The man who spoke with Tuesday was of the viewpoint that if the kingmakers submitted its nominee for enthronement as new Soun of Ogbomoso to the Oyo state government since March 23, 2022, and the government has not come out to reject the nominee or make any statement in respect of the nomination, then, it’s as good as accepting the name forwarded to it.

“It’s simple psychology,” the person posited.

“If the person whose name is forwarded is not agreeable to the government or if the afobajes erred in any way l am sure government would have wasted no time in voicing its objection.”

He further noted: “If you also look at it, if in over seven months government didn’t find any violation on the part of the afobajes and turn down their effort, it doesn’t add up that it will after more than seven months now say you are wrong. Government’s delay is tantamount to tacit approval of the process and outcome. Perhaps, government is waiting for an auspicious time for the final rites including the announcement and coronation, to kickstart the next stage.”

Prince Afolabi Ghandii Olaoye

It is recalled that the afobajes of Ogbomoso headed by High Chief Samuel Sobalaje Otolorin (the Areago) pronounced Prince Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye as the Soun-elect, after it rounded off the selection process March 22.

But while the people of Ogbomoso were awaiting government’s pronouncement on the nomination, several court cases sprang up seeking to abort the process on various grounds.

As at the last count a high court in Ogbomoso has ruled that the status quo ante be maintained in respect of the matter, fueling fears that the process to install a new Oba in the ancient town might afterall be prolonged.



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