Apapa-led LP hails Tinubu on S’Court victory, mocks Obi, Atiku

Apapa-led LP hails Tinubu on S’Court victory, mocks Obi, Atiku


The Lamidi Apapa-led group in the Labour Party (LP) has congratulated President Bola Tinubu on his victory at the Supreme Court, saying the affirmation of the election of the then candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the February 25, 2023 presidential poll is well-deserved.

The Apapa-led group mocked the LP presidential candidate, Peter Obi; as well as his legal team “for presenting the worst election petition ever in Nigeria’s history”.

In a statement on Saturday by the spokesman for the group, Abayomi Arabambi, Apapa said “it should be on record that Peter Obi’s frivolous and bland petition was dismissed in less than 120 seconds by the justices of the apex court last Thursday.

Obi and his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, had challenged the victory of Tinubu, in the last election up to the apex court.

Not satisfied with the verdict of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT) earlier in September, Atiku and Obi approached the Supreme Court seeking the nullification of Tinubu’s election on the grounds of double nomination, alleged certificate forgery, non-transmission of results electronically, 25% votes in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), amongs others.


However, on Thursday, the Justice John Okoro-led panel of the apex court threw out all the appeals by Atiku and Obi for lacking merit. The panel thereafter upheld Tinubu’s electoral victory.

In its statement Saturday, the Apapa-led group said, “The victory of President Bola Tinubu is well-deserved. It is a testimony of hard-work, resilience, dedication and love for the nation.”

The group also congratulated Atiku who “gave his best interest this election. The Former Vice President remains, a veteran and not a failure, he gave it all but destiny at times speak”.

However, the group criticised Obi for filing “meaningless petition” which was “dismissed under 120 second (2mins) by the justices of Supreme Court”.

The full Labour Party press statement on the Supreme Court judgement




Labour party attention was drawn to the judgement of the Supreme court delivered on the 26th day of October 2023 which affirmed the Government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR administration as Legitimate

*The Labour Party leadership here by CONGRATULATE President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR on his well deserved victory at the supreme Court as the Legitimate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria*

This victory has now settled all the controversies that arises from the February 25th presidential and National Assembly Election . It’s our hope that the president will be magnanimous in Victory by inviting the LABOUR PARTY Leadership as a partner in progress to an all inclusive Government in other to move Nigeria forward .

*The Labour party National Chairman Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa and Members National Working Committee of our great Party congratulate you once again and we are here by re -affirmed our unflinchingly support for a new and Better Nigeria under your leadership*

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu (GCFR) victory at the supreme Court on Thursday 26th October was not a fluke* as he deployed all what was required to win an election, a two time Governor of Lagos State ,the commercial capital of Nigeria is a man of many means that remain very focused on his long term ambition.

The President knew what he wanted from inception because when certain political irredentist with their political Shenanigans were on the prowl, when all hope seemed impossible , he remained unperturbed but rather spread the Emilokan political virus that went across the nation upon which he affirmatively claimed victory in the APEX court

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar really gave his best interest this election. He has also tried it many times but may likely be his last chance. The Former Vice president remains, a veteran and not a failure, he gave it all but destiny at times speak. Labour party therefore congratulate him that his name shall remain relevant in Nigeria whether his opponent likes it or not

While the leadership of the LP wishes to thank all the democratic citizens of Nigeria,who participated in the just-concluded 2023 general election,for maintaining peace and orderliness till we took the journey of the survival of democracy and the rule of law in Nigeria to this peaceful end,we urge Nigerians to remain calm and resolute in this trying time of national survival,as the man in the helm of affairs knows the job he was voted to do.

The victory of President Bola Tinubu is well-deserved.It is a testimony of hard-work,resilience,dedication and love for the nation.President Tinubu fought for the emancipation of democratic values and true democracy in Nigeria,starting from his youthful ages to this present time he actualised his dream of birth of a new Nigeria.

Let us still believe in the democratic government,no matter what selfish politicians and cohorts hid in their stocks against the growth of democracy.

*The LP under the leadership of Alhaji Lamidi Apapa therefore again want to congratulate President Bola Tinubu ,the entire Nigeria presidential constituency on the resounding victory of our President and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at the Supreme Court.*

The beauty of democracy is that election divides all democratic citizens, the democrats and the entire populace into losers and winners

While we in the LP appeal to the losers especially the PDP presidential candidate to toe the path of patriotism as democrats,we urge the winners to be more magnanimous in victory,since the government is for us all.

Both the leaders and the led are all citizens of Nigeria, so we all are winners when we toe the path of patriotism as a people housed in the structure called Nigeria and we must condemned of pro secessionist political buccaneers on the prowl who are Wolfs in sheep regalia.


The country is moving forward with a speed of light, as we all join hands in patriotism with the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR to revive the nation’s economy.

*On the LP former presidential candidate,Mr. Peter Obi who happened to be the worst and the most corrupt presidential candidate ever to have contested under our party ,the LP has concluded that the Ethnic irredeemable irresponsible irredentist political character mission was driven by over-ambition to contest for the Office of the President, with his soul aim and his resolve to amass wealth for his family and resurrect his dead business empire*

It’s incontestable that Mr Peter Obi and Julius Abure deliberately orchestrated with fraudulent intentions to loose the presidential election by not uploading over 48,000 Pooling units agents data as directed by INEC out the 176,846 pooling units agents and in the end even also failed to field a single agents in the remaining 128,846 because of their wanton greed to make money for themselves and dash the hope and aspirations of million of Nigerians .

It’s now history that our party dearly paid for this after the supreme Court Judgments

Mr Peter Obi instead of facing the real music of election, rather choose to deceptively came out to contest for Presidency of Nigeria mischievously with the sole aim of lining his pocket and that of his few gutter friends who are hitherto were languishing in abject poverty but all suddenly became emergency democratic millionaires in LABOUR PARTY over night from the donations of Nigerians home and abroad,while allowing those within the country to run his campaigns with their hard-earned wealth under the guise that I-no-dey-give-shii-shii .

Nigerians campaigned for themselves through him,as the self-believed messiah and only saint in the Nigeria system who is worst than SATAN also known as the LUCIFER

*Mr. Peter Obi was the worst Presidential Candidate in Nigeria,who also ran the worst Presidential campaign in the history of Nigeria.Nigerians are currently seeing the effect of Peter Obi’s political disaster on the impoverished citizens, who lost for him to gain,without knowing that he did not have the capacity to win the Presidential election in Nigeria.*

Obi, TInubu, Atiku

Labour party is disappointed that we couldn’t see the fraud in him when he abandoned PDP presidential campaign team to join our party three days to our presidential party primaries that was held in ASABA on May 29th 2022

*Mr Peter Obi patriotic submission to fraud , perfidy and mendacity is expected since he was able to provide abode for Julius Abure a criminal Crooks indicted by police , a forger per excellence who himself was an epitome of deceitful personality with an obscene putrefaction of identity fraud will never be responsible citizen that make our nation great .*

The values that Mr Peter Obi pontificate as his core believes is strongly antithetical to the postures of his integrity ,honesty and dignity .

Even with the criminal conspiracy employed by him and Julius Abure to single handedly diverted Labour party campaign fund to the tune of over $15 million dollars and N12 billion Naira shall eternally remains an odiferous stench that will never cease to smell and shall be the bedrock that will continue to define Mr Peter Obi and his characters as a person

The LP up till today under the grossly incompetent Peter Obi/Julius Abure could not produce the audited account report from our UBA and ZENITH bank on the just-concluded presidential election

Under Peter Obi and Julius Abure,the corrupt former National Chairman of the party, many infractions were committed against our party account where withdrawals were made for their children wives, families, friends and concubines with no approval of National Working Committee (NWC)

*Labour party is now demanding for Julius Abure arrest and prosecution for Forgery impersonation and criminal conspiracies as earlier indicted by the office of the Inspector General of Police*

How could Mr Peter Obi ever even come to think he can rule a Complex County like Nigeria when in a presidential election, he and Abure Julius stole N1.8 billion Naira meant for polling units agents all over Nigeria ?

*How on earth could a Man like Peter Obi with identity fraud , certificate forgery impersonation and inconsistencies in his various certificates from primary school up to University of Nigeria Nsukka think he can win an election in Nigeria?*

*How could Mr Peter saint Pope- Gregory -Onwubuasi- Onwubuase- Obi, a man with shrouded and fake identity,* who could not manage a political party will be angry that he lost an election he prepared to fail?*

It’s on record that all the meaningless petition with which he defrauded Nigerian at home and abroad was dismissed under 120 second(2mins) by the justices of Supreme court

How Can Mr Peter Obi who hate the North, South West and South South ever think Nigerians will trust him with a mantle of leadership?

Peter Obi,worked against the Labour Party in many states,ranging from Enugu State,Plateau State,Nasarawa State, Eboyin State,Oyo State, Benue State, Osun State ,Delta State down to Rivers State where he openly endorses the PDP Governorship candidates in those states with their National Assembly Candidates against LP

This fact alone has proven that Peter Obi contested to make money and not to win.We also witnessed his anti-party politics in that Peter Obi told the LP obedient supporters to work for the candidates of the PDP in many states that the LP did not have spread,as against the LP candidates during the general election.

Labour party here on admonished all our National Assembly members to accept the SUV which the federal government of Nigeria provided for them in lieu of their official oversight functions and moreso Mr Peter Obi and Julius Abure lack the requisite qualifications morally to give such an order rather we asked them to give account of all monies that accrues to LP from May 29th 2022 to date

*Mr Peter Obi must know that since we the LP National leadership is aware of his implicit capabilities and capacity to Legalize corruption, Rape,Arson ,Forgery impersonation and other all Negative norms in our* country as a president, it’s therefore incumbent on all Nigerians to prayed for APGA which was Peter Obi new destination as LP is done with him

On the posture and attitude of Peter Obi concerning internal party affairs,the LP with dismay witnessed a man who does not obey the rule of law and constitution of the country.

Peter Obi committed contempts of court for not heeding to the outcome of courts’ judgements on the soul of the LP with respect to the manifest corruption charges levelled against the ousted Former National Chairman of the party and the trampling of the rights of the democratic citizens through disregarding internal democracy on the leadership of the party under him and Julius Abure

In using the LP to amass stupendous wealth,Peter Obi,employed his cronies,friends and strange fellows to run the party aground and embezzle the funds running into two-digits billions with his other men-friday.

*What the LP community did not see in Peter Obi were those things he could not do.Till now,the audited account of the LP demanded by the INEC had not yet been released since no one could give the financial account of the general election under the duo of Peter Obi and Julius Abure which is disheartening and disturbing to all well-meaning citizens.*

On the way forward for good governance and good leadership that Nigerians are yearning to witness under President Tinubu regime,the LP leadership assure Nigerians that better days are coming in the party,believing that sanity has truly been restored in Nigeria democracy with the victory of President Bola Tinubu in the Supreme Court.

The LP leadership is posed to getting rid of scum of the society in the party.The loss of Peter Obi and his cohorts signified the vindication of the stance of the LP under Lamidi Apapa about his stewardship as the party’s Presidential Candidate.

We in the LP have resolved to toe the path of patriotism to support the President to move the country forward.We are only partners in progress.Nigeria shall be great again!


Labour party also congratulate the justices of the supreme Court for taking their precious time to thoroughly laid to rest all negative aspersions with the best judgement so far in the history of Presidential Election petition

Today all Nigerians will agreed with Labour party that the justices of the supreme Court has successfully set a template for our judicial Jurisprudence without any form of bias.

The Justices were able to proof that the Mr Peter Obi in the petition abandoned the duty to prove substantial non-compliance and relied solely on the failure to electronically transmit results directly from the polling unit.

The supreme court also held that the IREV is not a Collation Center and goes further to say that Electronically transmitted results can only arise where the hard copy does not exist. The elaborate provision of the law to electronically transmit is to make sure that at every stage of collation, there is a result.

The court also reprimanded Mr Peter Obi and his legal teams that failure to electronically transmit can not be a reason to nullify the election. Even when they could not prove the nonexistence of hard copy results

The court also said the Peter Obi did not demonstrate originals or certified true copies of the CSU CERTIFICATE they want the court to rely on to disclose the non-compliance and that the failure to transmit results to the IREV did not affect the election

*Conclusively the court went further to says that the Unavailability Of IREV to Function Is Not a Ground To Cancel An Election and that the 25% In FCT Is Not Necessary To Become President Of Nigeria .*

The court says they did not see anything wrong with the above decision (after reading the decision of the lower court treating FCT as one of the States because If a person secures all the votes from the states and failed to secure 25% in the FCT, (in a strong voice) are we now saying that he cannot be president?

The Independence of the judiciary was further confirmed in the judgement when the Supreme Court Says No Evidence To Prove That President Tinubu Forged Certificate was presented before the court

It’s a shame on Mr Peter Obi and his legal teams when the court gives its position on the issue that the Electoral Act contains mandatory provisions and contains provisions which make election petitions sui generis.(Time Bound)

The court went further that a slight default in compliance, will result in fatal consequences of being thrown out, the timing for filing of Witness Statements on Oath is 21 days and amendments will not be obtained after the lapse of this constitutional provision which Peter Obi legal teams are aware but choose to look other way since all PO wanted was just money and money and money

The court further and thoroughly demystified Mr Peter Obi and his Legal teams that they had been totally foreclosed from any amendment because at the close of pleadings, parties had submitted the list of witnesses that it intended to call and as affirmed by the lower court, this will violate the provisions of the constitution and the Electoral Act.

Further more, the supreme Court said to Mr Peter Obi that Subpoenas are not a tool to hoodwink and circumvent the provisions of the law, it is on this note that the court hold that the decision of the lower court to strike out this witness was correct and resolve the issue against Mr Peter Obi

*On Labour party failures to have agents in all the 176,846 pooling units during the presidential election, the supreme Court lambasted Mr Peter Obi that It is not anticipated for a political party to appoint an octopus agent with tentacles in all polling Units because the witnesses brought by the him can only testify as to issues only in their polling unit and not all units.*

They ought to have all agents testify and not what they were told because it is hearsay evidence which is not admissible. Further more evidence of these witnesses are inadmissible hearsay and are discountenanced.

They were not present in all polling Units and the agents we’re alive and did not testify before the court, hence their testimonies are hearsay.

Labour party was alarmed that the sum of N10,000 due to each of this 176,846 totalling almost 1.8billion was criminally diverted by Mr Peter Obi and Julius Abure to help their children, family and resurrect their dead businesses against the hope and aspirations of million of Nigerians and Labour party supporters at large

What an eternal damnation on Mr Peter Obi and Mr Julius Abure

The court in their findings also affirmed that the success or failure of an election petition depends of figures because the claims of the Appellants winning 21 states out of 36, in this appeal was not the issue before the court.

The court posited that the issue before them is not who amongst the candidates won majority of the states, but who won the highest number of votes, which the court cannot find any authoritative figure of the Appellants showing that they won the highest number of votes except the figures as presented by INEC.

The court said and we quote ” There is a rebuttable presumption that the result as presented by INEC is correct and the Petitioners have to prove otherwise. The Appellants having not put forward a rebuttal of the figures as put forward by INEC, the results by INEC stands.”

Further more there was a message from the judgement to both Appellant’s where one of the justices said:

” *It is my view that the words of the Justices above were not made to disparage the counsels. Litigants are advised to trust the court. It is unbecoming that litigants these days address press conferences discussing issues in court. Parties should refrain from media trial, a word is enough for the wise, I need not say much on this”*

Now that judgement has been pronounced at the supreme court, our immediate mission as one people with one destiny must now shift to issues that affect us as a Nation, it is obvious that behind every pro and anti decisions that may have come with that judgement there are different layers of mind bungling issues that affect us individually and collectively

Mr Peter Obi , Julius Abure and their Social Media Secessionist should be very cautious now and to comport themselves within constitutional frame work else they risk becoming a tenants at KUJE correctional center because the TINUBU Administration legitimacy has now been confirmed and his Government must be allowed to work without any let or hindrances.

Mr Peter Obi, Julius Abure and their social miscreants who feed on the altar of divisiveness and National instability must know now that since the supreme Court has Affirmed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR as the Legitimate President, *any forms of further threats meant to intimidate the President in order to cause an overthrow of Government would be treated as treasonable felony OFFENCE punishable with death*

*Also Mr Peter Obi, Julius Abure and their fellow crops of criminally infested in- Ordinate ambitious Obidients have sown so much toxicity, hatred , Divisive Tendencies and Ethnic bigotry into Nigerian political space and by God’s grace they will be alive to reap the harvest from their farm planted with seed of irresponsible irredeemable irredentist wholesome shenanigans.*

Finally in the words of Samora Michael who said ” *For a nation to thrive, the tribe must die* “.


Dr Abayomi Arabambi (FBAU)
National Publicity Secretary
Labour Party
28th October 2023

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