Shock as 28 yr old bricklayer hangs self in Ogbomoso

Shock as 28 yr old bricklayer hangs self in Ogbomoso

Oluwole AREO

Grief overwhelmed the residents of Elegbodo/Omoyanran compound and the entire neighbourhood of Oke-Agbede area of Ogbomoso, Oyo state, Sunday, as a 28year old bricklayer, identified as Adekunle Atanda, committed suicide.

His dangling body was discovered early Sunday morning in a dilapidated building at Asemolu compound, his mother’s family compound, where he took up residence, by a child setting containers for rain water.

Atanda Adekunle according to findings by left no suicide note, and his mobile phone in his pocket was switched off and so no one could fathom the reason for the self murder.

However, a co-resident of the compound, who gave her name as Tawa, and whose child discovered the body, told that it might not be unconnected with hardship disclosing the deceased though a bricklayer hardly got work to do and fending for himself was a bit difficult.

According to her the deceased was seen on Saturday, “he went out as usual and came back in the night and retired to his chamber.

“Ostensibly, he had no quarrel with anyone, but he sometimes complained that he’s a butt of jest that he was wretched.

“On Sunday morning at some minutes to 7am when rain started to fall l asked my daughter to put buckets and other containers outside to collect rain water.

“But shortly after she rushed inside yelling that there was rope in the neck of Adekunle. I went out to see his dangling body too.

“I raised alarm, people came around we tried to revive him but he was stone dead. He had climbed a bench to perpetrate the act.”

A bricklayer but it was not sure if he completed his apprenticeship.

His father who was the custodian and masquerader of Egungun Omoyanran of Elegbodo compound, for many years, is late while his mother said to be domiciled in Sokoto, is on her way home after learning of the incident.

Atanda was unmarried while his corpse had been deposited in a morgue.

The incident was confirmed by a source at Owode Police Station even as investigations into the matter have begun.


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