Re: The need for Soun’s coronation to have cultural colouration

Re: The need for Soun’s coronation to have cultural colouration


The appeal by Ben George in this medium to the committee in charge of Oba Ghandi Olaoye’s coronation ceremony is laudable and beneficial. George’s justification for including cultural display is subjective and apposite as Ogbomoso is an ancient town and holding such coronation devoid of cultural colouration will be costly omission.

Ogbomoso is noted for celebrating Egungun festival in grandeur and is always an occasion that annually brings Ogbomoso’s sons and daughters home from afar to celebrate. Therefore, this rejoinder written is to support the appeal by Ben George to the committee to consider allowing cultural infusion in the week-long activities.


Ogbomoso is a cosmopolitan town inhabited by people of diverse historical, political and religious interests, and including cultural display will take care of some religious sentiments. After all, Christian and Islamic programmes are also lined up for the occasion.

Hence, there is the need for parade of masquerades at the palace to usher in traditional flair which necessarily might not be fetish. This will draw tourists to the town and boost economic activities. We hope that the committee will see this submission in the lighter sense and give it favourable consideration.

May God spare our lives to witness the coronation and beyond. Amen.

Long live Ogbomoso! Long live Oyo State!! Long live people of Ogbomoso!!! Long live Kabiyesi Oba Ghandi Olaoye!

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