Egungun festival turns bloody in Ogbomoso, as one dies after ‘Eegun soldier’

The festival of the ancestors turned bloody in Ogbomoso today as a follower of an Egungun, called ‘Eegun Soldier,’ was killed during a fracas at Ojude Ajaawa area.
According to information reaching, trouble started yesterday when some boys at Ijeru area were said to have attacked Eegun Danafojura’s followers, which was however repelled.
The same set of hoodlums also waylaid Adifala masquerade while returning home.

The deceased

Some OPC leaders however reportedly mediated to broker peace.
Nevertheless, Arowomole boys where Adifala masquerade is domiciled were said to have retaliated this morning when they attacked commercial motorcyclists known to be from Ijeru area. They seized a motorcycle and its rider.
When the news of the attack reached Ijeru, they mobilized to rescue the detained motorcyclist.
Meanwhile, why Eegun Soldier was attacked is unclear as at the time of filing this report.
Its actual name is Eegun Obadimeji belonging to Biiro family.
Its new masquerader, a serving soldier assumed the task about three years ago, and being still in service people began to refer to the Egungun as ‘Eegun Soldier.’
“But it is a peaceful masquerade,” someone familiar with the masquerade, but who pleaded anonymity said, adding, “It never caused trouble, l don’t know why they would kill someone behind him.”
A source said the deceased was shot by Amotekun operatives but an operative of the corps, who spoke under condition of anonymity denied the allegation saying they went out to the theatre of the crisis along with policemen and Operation Burst operatives to maintain peace but that they were attacked with stones, sticks and gun fire.
He said they had to retreat when they came under hails of bullets.
“We didn’t fire any shot, we first dispersed Arowomole boys and as we made to go to Ijeru we were attacked at Ojude Ajaawa area and we retreated. We fired no gun.”
The deceased was given as Ogbagba was said to be the son of a Vigilante leader (whose nickname was said to be Ogbagba) in Ijeru of Alagbede area and was said to be an Islamic cleric, “So, it is not clear whether he was following the masquerade or not.”

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