Arrested notorious kidnapper dies in hospital, as another woman suspect makes startling confessions

Enoch OYEDIBU & Oluwole AREO
The suspected kidnapper nabbed earlier today at Under-G area, Ogbomoso is dead.
He gave up the ghost while being treated at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH Teaching Hospital (LTH), Ogbomoso.
According to report he sustained severe injuries in the head while he was being meted with jungle justice by his captors.

Yinka Kasali the deceased suspect

In the same vein, another woman suspect, also arrested at Kuye area this afternoon, has made confessions, saying she arrived Ogbomoso from Ibadan yesterday’s evening though claiming she wasn’t a kidnapper.
The dead suspect, identified as Yinka Kasali is said to have been caught at Pastor Bode neighbourhood of Under-G, behind Nurudeen Grammar School.

The woman suspect

He was identified as a notorious criminal, who had perpetrated several crimes in the area and beyond including rapes and kidnapping.
A resident of the area disclosed, “We had been trailing him before nemesis caught up with him today.
“He was a notorious criminal and ritualist, who had been under surveillance for quite some time. A radio presenter had also mentioned his matter during a programme.
‘He had his base around Pastor Bode area. An attempt to nab him about two weeks ago failed as he made some incantations, which enabled him evade arrest.

‘Those pursuing him according to them began to feel tired as he was making incantations and so he disappeared. Thank God he was not so lucky today.”
After he was apprehended this afternoon, people descended on him mercilessly to exact revenge. But he was later rescued and taken to LTH, where he later died during treatment.
In fact,.it was gathered that he would have been burned alive but for the intervention of the Dean of Students Affairs, LAUTECH, Dr Ige, who prevailed on the mob to desist from meting out jungle justice on him.
While speaking with, Dr Ige said,, “We rescued him when the students and the indigenes who dominated the area tried to mete out jungle justice on him.
“He was arrested by the community on the allegation that he was a ritualist, earlier reported by a radio presenter called ‘Okiki’.
“When we got there we met them where they were about to burn him and we rescued him so the community would not take the law into their hands, which can backfire.”
Kasali reportedly made confessions leading to the arrest of the woman suspect at Kuye area.
However, the woman suspect was lucky as she escaped the jungle justice..
According to findings, she was luring a child into a nearby bush when she was discovered.
An alarm was raised and she was eventually caught while trying to escape.

The 50-year old woman suspect being interrogated

An eyewitness, identified as Akanke Ajiboye said, “she came to my shop where she requested paracetamol, sachet water and other things we don’t sell.
“We sold the sachet water to her and at once, she asked, ‘is this Ogbomoso?’. We were surprised, didn’t you know you’re in ogbomoso?
“Later, she went to the rear of my shop and bent down trying to do something. After a while, we sent her away and she moved away a little bit. She changed her cloth and then bent over and started rinsing her legs with water.
“What now piqued our curiosity is that her former dress depicts her as a madwoman, yet, seeing her changing clothes and standing at the entrance of the Quranic school there, we were baffled. That was when we tried to call on someone who tried to ask her what she was looking for.
“There, she started hurling abuses and curses with some languages we didn’t understand, we thought it was incantation.
“We were on the verge of burning her, thinking she was a kidnapper in view of what had been happening within our area since a few months ago, when Civil Defence operatives came and arrested her.
‘”Surprisingly, as they came she put out her hands, willing to be arrested.”
Furthermore, Akanke Ajiboye disclosed that the suspect confessed that she was a kidnapper and that they were many in Ogbomoso, brought by a trailer.
She reportedly stressed their job was to kidnap people, kill them and sell their body parts.
Meanwhile, the suspect who gave her address as Alakia in Ibadan and a native of Oka Akoko in Ondo state, revealed, while answering reporters’ questions that she arrived in Ogbomoso yesterday’s evening with one Muyiwa alias Authentic.
Denying that she was a kidnapper she claimed to have come to Ogbomoso for alms begging.
Adding she was divorced from her husband whose name she gave as John Blue alias Amaechi, she gave her age to be 50 years.
Claiming innocence she disclosed she only bought sachet water to wash her legs when she was nabbed.
In a bag she was said to be clutching were items like cooked rice and also garri as well as a jotter containing some names and phone numbers.
The suspect also revealed that after her apprehension she saw her partner, Muyiwa Authentic, whom she described as her brother in the crowd milling round her and baying for her blood.
In the meantime, she had been handed over to the Agro Rangers.
The Agro Rangers is a special unit of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) set up to address the recurring farmers/herders conflict in the country.

Agro Rangers operatives

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